Saturday, 18 May 2013

~Friday 18th May 2013~
whoop. i am finally blogging after a million light years. hahahahaha. and theres like tons of things to say but i mainly forgot about what to say and idk how to put it to words. hahahahah. oopssss. its like after mid year and i totally feel like slackinggggggggggg. its like, "no, i am not gonna touch my books ever again" that kind of feeling. hahahahah. omg. 終極一班3 is comingggggggg. this time will have Han and Xiu. yayyyy!!!!! <3 :D and i think i have a lot of pictures to be uploaded etc. oh yes and kimbo one. but i think i wont upload it online..... uhhhhhhhhh..... syf achievement..... okay laaa. not bad... and then..... ohyes. urghhhhhhh. other people step down during speech day while ours is june-july. seriously?!
omggggggggggggggg. leeseunggi is mad cuteeeeeeee hahahahahahah. omg. just another cutiepie with dimples. hahahahah. guys with dimples is seriously mad loveeeeeeeee. :D kekeke. i dont think he have ahhhhh. hahahah. ohyahhh. saw bernice today after school and i was like di-siao-ing her with "who is this?"x5 hahahaha. and she got annoyed, chasing me all around. oops. this had not happened for awhile. awwwww. miss the old days with them. keke.
and i am not like still chasing dramas when school is ongoing hahahahaah. too bad, i cant resist qianna's, seunggi's, miss mong's and leedongwook's addiction in myself. hahahaha. omg qianna is mad cute as well. omg. something is really wrong with me. saying people cute here and there. and oh. qianna got into an accident otw back home and i was like clueless when i saw zhangxunjie's weibo on his birthday wishes saying that qianna should take care of her health and so on and it got me real worried. gawwwwddddddd. ahhhhahahahahaha. i think i should go on and continue with my dramasssss and stalk some blogs since it has been a longgggggggg time since i last went into blogs or to blog. hahahahah. kkkkk. byeeeeeee. iamjustgonnastalkfannongandiknowthispigeonwillseethis. byeeeeeee.