Friday, 28 June 2013

~Friday 28 June~ 
hahahahahahah. omg. hahahahah its like the last few days of my school holiday. :( omg. and its like..... omg. damn weird for me to fangirl over kpop. omgomgomgomg. im changing..... T.T omg. i used to hate kpop to the very max.... now.... uhhhh.... shit. hahahahahaha. was scrolling one of miss a fc blogs and saw so many suzy and lsg pictures.... ohmygoddd!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah. omg. can i save all of them?!?! hahahahaha. and and and. i keep replaying 曾沛慈 愛情怎麼喊停~ its so niceeeeeeeee. i need her album soon please. omg. those idiots record company, dk how to appreciate her voice! tsktsktsk. i believe if she got one album, she can get 最佳新人獎 already with so many fans around~ ohyes. i finished Hello Baby SHINee. omg. its mad niceeee!!!!! and Onew managed to carry yoogeun at the end! awwwwww. and i went to search about yoogun videos, and he still dances to SHINee songs! woahh!!!! i really love his dance cover of Ring Ding Dong in the show. its so mad cute!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!! omg. what to blog?! okok. i think i will post pictures...... on second thought.... maybe no. hahahahahahhahahahaha. myblogshallstayasboringasitiscosthatsjustmystyle! heh! okok! byebye!! :D

Friday, 21 June 2013

~Friday 21st June~
hahahahahaha. okayyyyy. i just dont understand why am i blogging nowww. uhhhhhh. okay. now is like damn hazy. omg. seriously. but i sleep likka piggggg and so i always miss those timings when the PSI level is at the highest. hahahahahah. ohyaaa. i mentioned that i find the tune for Good Day and You And I the same right? hahahah. and i actually suspect that its the same person compose one. and then....... i was right siaaaa!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!! -feels proud of myself- heh! hahahahahaha! i....... actually...... got nothing to blog ehhhhhhh.... uhhhmmmmmm. heh. i mentioned about my boring blog is boring without pictures. and so........
cute right!!!!! omg. sucha cutiepie and i miss her so much!!!!!! :D okayyyyy. im off to my Hello Baby SHINee~~~ im left with 3 eps. -sobs- thats it for nowwwww~~~~ ^^

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

~18th June 2013~
WHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTT?! MYPRECIOUSBABYHOLIDAYISENDING?!?! OHGOSHHHHHHHHHH. I JUST STARTED ENJOYING LIKE LAST WEEK ONLY?! ughhhhh. okayyyyyyy. im just blogging for the sake of blogginggggggggg. and thanks to fann, my blogskin is fixed! yayy!!!! and im listening to IU songs while blogging. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! OHGODDD. okay. i admit, im addicted to taecyeon after gwgm and suzy after Dream High. but i believe this crazy obsession will die off soon. trust me. i have gone through such things for....... like....... uhhhhhhhhh..... how many people already?! hahahahahha. ohyes. i think horhhhhhhhh. think only laaa. the tune for You and I and Good Day is somewhat similar. hahahahahahha. hmmmmm~ rm ep 150 got taecyeon. omg. madddd cuteeeeeee. hahahahahhahaha. omg. really!!!!!!! HaHa was Iron Man so he got those weapons then he played with it and chased taecyeon away using it. hahahahah. imagine him running away! :D omg. jiejie's wedding is really getting me excited! i cant wait to hear her briefing to us. i bet it would be a fun time with cousins. omg. imagine a full whole day with them!!!!!!! my 閃耀星光 damn long never go in already. its time to go and clear the cobwebs~~~~ soooooooooooooooo...... i thinkkkkkkk, i should blog until here. iknowmyblogisboringcositjustlacksthepicturesthatimlazytotransferandpost. okay bye.