Thursday, 21 February 2008

Social Studies Learning Journey

On the 20/2/08, class 5.4 went to the Old Ford Factory for a learning journey. This two places talk about how people lived during World War 2 (WWII), how the Malay Regiment and the British fought to protect Singapore and Malaya. But the British lost to the Japanese. Thousands died, one of our war hero Lt. Adnan bin Saidi died during the war just to protect his fellow country men, family, Singapore and Malaya. Lt. Adnadn married to a school teacher and had three children, 1942,Lt. Adnad and his family lived in Psir Panjang. When the Japanese came, he sent his family back to his hometown in due to his wife as she is carrying their third child while he stayed in Singapore to fight. But sadly, the Japanese capture him and bayoneted him and killed him. His wife soon gave birth to a baby girl but sadly the baby died. A few days later, Lt.Adnan's wife was told that her husband was killed. Soon later, she too passed on. Since then I learnt that we must ourselves defend Singapore, not others to help us as Lt. Adnan sacrifice his life to help defending Singapore and Malaya.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Today, we got check-up from nurses from the Health Promotion Board(HPB) I thought we will have our injection and I was scared but when I was told that the injection was next week, I felt relief and happy but I got to face the injection next week :(