Saturday, 30 June 2012

~Saturday 30th June 2012~
hahahahah! hihi! :D BLOGGING AT 1145 PM 15 MINUTES BEFORE GUO XUE FU BIRTHDAY ENDS!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :DDDDDD okayyy. tomorrow also Fann de NBC. good luckkk to her!!!! ^^ okay. shall start blogging. actually, im already blogging. what crap am i talking? hahahahah! idkkkk what happened to me these days. at first, 曾沛慈 got me addicted to her once again. now, im addicted to 魏如昀. wtsssss is thissssss?! ahhhhhhh~~~~~~~ haiyooooooo. her voice is superb!!!! will post some videos later! its like 星光二班 got soooooooo manyyyyyy niceeeeee voicessss!!!! ahhhh!!!!!!! ohmytian!!!!!!!!!!! wahlao! i want to go 撞墙 liao lahhh!!!!!!!! somebody please bring my head to the wall.... hahahahah!!!! its like i prefer her hairstyle in 星光二班 or in 摇滚保姆 where her hair is straight, and fringe! then she go perm her hairrrr. whyyyyyyy?!?!? and then cut bangs. i want her old hairstyle back lahh!!!!!!!!!!! T.T she is more chio in that hairstyle! heheheheh! imma post this at 1159. chiong my typing nowwww!!!!!! keyboard warrior! cos now is still 30th june. so still GXF birthday!^^ ohmygod~ 9 more minutes! i will update and fangirl in another post later with videos and pictures! :D its like. omggggg. 魏如昀 is like rocker style type. and then.......... im starting to fall in love with 摇滚乐 and bands. hahahahah! wtsssss is wrong with me?! omg. im too 花心 already lahhhh!!!! so many idols... T.T kkkkk. stop here~~~ need to post this in 8 minutes time. woahh~ i can type so much within a minute. hahahahah! kkkkkk. byebye! later update again at around 2? ^^

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

~Tuesday 19 June~
damn it. hahahahah! holidays are endingggggg. nuuuuuuuuuu!!!! idw laaaa!!!!!!! cannot end lahhh!!!! wahlaooooooo!!! T.T k. i need to stop. if not this blog post will get boringgggg. okayyyy. i blog today for what? i recently very obsessed with one video. i keep watching and watching it. come come come. i share link! ;) please lend me 10 mins, and see this video! :D its really awesome! though i watch at first and subsequently is because of 曾沛慈, but.... yaa. very nice. her singing also very nice. :D i really wonder why horhhhh, 4 years after her competition liao lehhh. no album from her. T.T Y2J, 魏如昀, 梁文音, 吴忠明 all got album liao ehhh. she ehhh, only two 合辑.... hmmmmmmmmmm... please, i wanna buy her album, so..... yah, an album for her by next year? heehee. anyways, talking about her...... my 终极一班2 is comingggggg!!!! :D i can't wait!!!! got my dadong, and and and 曾沛慈 also lehhh!!!!!! woooooooo~~~~~ :D then..... got my 强辩 also!!!!!! my 黄牛~~~~~~~ hahahaahh! he very...... cute(?) in 终极三国~~~~ and 球儿 also inside!^^ 终极一家 de 姑姑... hahahahah!!! kkkkk. i shouldn't fangirl so much here..... i need go do my homework. T.T i got mountains of them to complete. :( sighhh... can extend to another 2 more weeks? i need more time. :( ok lahhh. byebye! :D

Saturday, 16 June 2012


omg! so cute! hahahahah!

leetengggg!!! :D

~Friday 15 June~
eheheh!!! today 15 June eh! means..... i go see my xiaogui and wang xin ru!!!^^ excited muchhh. met the girls, then im like the quietest.... awwwwwwkkkkkkwarrdddddddd... hmmmmmm~ hahahah! yahh. i think i cant only be noisy to..... -wink wink- hahahah! aiyah! post pictures lahh! wang xin ru is damn pretty! <3 my ghost~~~ is like damn cute!!!! heheheh!!! oh yah! today also class outing. watched two movies, actually one. one is 3 idiots, quite funny, an indian movie, but veryyyy educational! then mr soh showed us the second one, idk what is the name, but all fight fight fight one. me no watch. yeahhhhhh. then met the girls, blah blah blah. then then then after the thing finish, we go upstairs for toilet, guess what!!!!!! my wang xin ru and my xiaogui walked pass us!!! ohmygod!!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! omgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!!! then we buy bearbrick for xiaogui which cos 150$...... but divided to 10 of us? hope he likes it!!!!! :D then after toilet, got channel 8 de people want do interview for promotion, but im not interviewed.... geraldine, jiamin, anne and berrin i think got interviewed. ying yi and i hide hide hide~ but in the end, we need to shout some stuffs. soooo.... yahhhh. see me on tv then. hopefully not on tv ahhh. xinmsn jiu can le. on tv........ wah. all my relatives will say ehhhhh..... hmmmmmm.. wang xin ru really very pretty! ok can! xiaogui damnnnn cute!!!!!!!! then chen liping, rui en, and wang xin ru shake butt damn cute!! hahahahah! oh yah~~!!!! i got to watch my ep 1 of 花样人间!!!!!! today de party got show!!! i can fang xin le!!! cos the first ep showing on tuesday. i got tuition. so yahh, cannot watch. but i got to watch it before others!!! yayyy!!!! :D heehee! leeteng host today, took lots of pictures. shall post some here. ^^

Thursday, 7 June 2012

~Thursday 7 June 2012~
hahahah! hi again~ blogging at 2.43am. why? cos..... i wanna share something. hahahah! too late already, nobody to go crazy to.
the link above!!!!! a new movie i wanna watch!!!! BBS 鄉民的正義!!!!!!! wo yao kan!!!! omggggg!!! at first i thought only got guo xue fu. then i saw, xiu jie kai, chen yi han and and and chen bo lin!!!!! ohmygod~~~~~ though idk whats BBS. im guessing its an online game like audi. xD hahahahah!!!! i want to watch lahh!!!!!! hope that it would be aired in sg~~~~~ woooooo~~~~~~ hahahahah!!! i heard that there is actually another version of this movie, with totally different casts. 0.o then they changed everything including the director i think........ and many said the trailer for the previous version is more exciting than this.... i saw the previous version de version. it is indeed exciting!!! but its like 6 mins long, and the current version is like 1 min plus? so maybe they say previous version even more interesting because they showed more of the show? maybe. hahahahah!! but then like that you go cinema, the newer version more surprises right? older version showed 5 mins more of what they are showing in the cinemas alreadyy. if you get what i meant. hahahaha!!! i think i should stop here~ hahahah! waiting for my video to convert finish. hahahah! k. bye!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

~Wednesday 6 June 2012~
-cough cough- hahahah!! Hi!!! Long time no see~~~~~~~~~ half a year heh blog le~~~~ blogger changed so much! Ohmygod~~~~~ okayyyyy. Sec 3 liao right...... Sian lehh!!! O levels next year. -.- plus I this year become class chairperson. Wts is this?! Class gimme totally no respect! -.- hate it man. Hahahah! Put this aside, wah. Damn guilty to mr oh and mr Chen. I kept wanting to sleep in their class. Sighhhhh. Okay lah! Idw to talk about this~~~ 9 more days!!!!! 9 MORE DAYS AND I CAN SEE XIAOGUI LE!!!! yes!!!! I booked the tickets for Joys Of Life partyyyyy!!!!!! Going with Geraldine, Jia Hui, Jiamin and Anne!!!!!! Wheeeeee!!!! I'm eggcited!!!!!!! Hahahah!!!! My heart beating damn fast when I was booking!!!!!! Damn nervous de!!!! Cos yesterday last day to book!!!! Hahah!!!!! Went to Bernice house today to discuss about blogshop with Alice. That's right! We are opening one!^^ the name really sounds...... Errrrrrrrrr........ Hahahah! Want more info??? Hahahah! I won't say! Find out yourself on 19th July! Heh! Really lah! I cant wait for my xiaogui! Please! He so cute! xD hahah! I can fangirl here for all I want anyway. Nobody reads it except Deon and maybe Fann... Hmmmmmmmmmm..... Heh! Shall I stop here? I think I should. Okayyy!!!! That's all for now peeps~~ will blog again when I'm not lazy. Ok can. Bye!