Monday, 22 September 2008

Term 4 Week 3 : Recycling

1. Recycling is something that we use it again after using it.
2. To save Mother Earth and to make Singapore clean and green.
3. We can make a structure out of cans, newspapers and magazines or an art piece.
4. No. We sell the magazines and newspapers to the rag-and-bone man and we receive money from them after the weigh the items.
6. I think yes if everybody brings a stack of newspapers, there will be many stacks of newspapers and magazines.
7. Add more recycling products to recycle.
8. I would tell them, "recycle more and waste less."

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Term 4 Week 2 : Stress

1. 'Stress' is a kind of burden, too much of it can cause to depressions. Let's say too much work can cause stress, working overtime and can't cope with studies or work.
2. Too much work, working overtime etc.
3. I think I got no stress.
4. Too much work, too many things to do and too little time to do so many things.
5. I try to draw up a time table and must follow it.
6. They can give lesser homework but at the same time we get to learn something in the end.
7. Don't take work too hard have some time up.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


1. I think reading is very important.
2. I usually read 'The Singapore Cinderella'.
3. I read about 10 books every month.
4. Well, I read for leisure but in the end, I learnt something new.
5. Yes, people tend to forget about other things when computer comes and distract them.
6. The school can organise a campaign to encourage pupils to read and reward to those who read.
7. I would recommend the comic about Sir Stamford Raffles which is found in the library. The book is never boring even if I read thousands of time. I learnt alot after I read the book.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Term 3 Week 10 : Computer Games

1. Yes I play computer games. Well, I play computer games to kill time but now I seldom play computer games.
2. Well, I play internet games and downloaded ones as well.
3. Some computer games are fun so I will spend more time playing that particular game.
4. Yes I think so. Now, many families have computer so the kids in the house are able to play computer games.
5. Well, I did not play computer games now.
6. Well, I think yes. Many people spend hours playing computer games or using computer to do something else. The more a person plays computer games time will be deducted for the person to do his/her work. Eventually, the results will be affected.
7. Yes. I will try to persuade the person not to play too much computer games because, it will spoil your eyes if you play too long and your studies will be affected.