Sunday, 24 October 2010

~Saturday 23 October~
Hihi.. Last night was the Golden Bell Awards... I cannot belive it.. Show lost to a 15-year-old small boy!! I was sooo angry.. It should be his! Arghhh!! Haiz.. So sian.. Dun wish to go to school on Monday.. The bowling session was damn boring.. I dun want any teamwork stuff to happen when I go to the library or the Science Centre.. Life was not like in the past... Where I can team up with those buddies of mine... Awww... I still wanna go to genting!!! So sad.... Haiz.. My schedule for the holidays are like soooo full... I couldn't make time to go back to APS.. :(.. Stupid schedule.. Sooo full.... Haiz.. Lets hope the best for Monday and Tuesday ba... Signing off here... Byebye..

Thursday, 21 October 2010

~Thursday 21 October 2010~
Hihi... Got back my grades.. Okok luh.. At least got As.. :D.. So boring lo.. Post exams activities sucks TTM!! But what is funny in the bus is that I listening to Y.E.S 93.30.. Then Chong Qing was like saying some funny stuff and I kept laughing in the bus.. Teacher saw le, ask me, why are you laughing.. Then I say, I listening to radio.. Hahas.. So awkward.. Going to watch The Child's Eye counting down, 7 days!! Dental appoinment counting down, 8 days.. Xiao zhu is sooooo cute... Rainie Yang is soooooooooooooo pretty.. :D.. Oh ya.. Singapore Hit Awards counting down to 8 days!! Golden Bell Awards counting down to 2 days!! I want xiao zhu and rainie take prize for both award ceremony.. :D.. But Hebe coming!! I wanna go on the 29 of October!!!!! Waa... Mummy say I can go.. But, nobody going with me.. :'(.. Ok la.. Write until here.. Tomorrow no sch.. Yay!! :D.. Byebye..

Saturday, 16 October 2010

~Saturday 16 October (Rainie Yang's concert!!!)~
Yea... Today is her concert.. :'(... I wanna go!! Waa... Then The Child's Eye also.. Fann can't go... Then last night I told my mother I want to watch this show.. She say, "you crazy ar? this show very scary leh.." Yup... Cos is Rainie so I wanna watch it.. :P.. Then when I watch BFB Live de, Elva went to find Rainie during the press conference for the show or what thing... Then Elva say, she will support her but not going to watch the show.. Hahas.. Then Rainie say, she will lose alot of friends thanks to the show.. Hahas.. But I wanna watch.. Annabella watch liao.. The holidays will be busy!! Volunteer work, 4 v 4 street netball and many more.. Haiz.. Watching Hi My Sweetheart again.. :D... Really nice.. :D.. That day also.. Watch finish DBY the second time le.. :D... Too nice to watch le.. :P... Hehe.. Not going training today.. :P.. Ok la.. Go watch show le.. Byebye..

Saturday, 2 October 2010

~Saturday 2 October~
Hihi.. Here to blog again.. October already.. So fast... Yesterday, is children's day.. It also marks the start of my exams... Haiz.. Just 14 days!!! To rainie yang concert.. How i wish to go... Just 27 days to my next appoinment with the dentist.. I have rescheduled it to the holidays so it would be better... Can anybody tell me why so many people just hate me?? I am very frustrated about things happening in sch... Now I am really stressed up.. Especially with those *****es.. And those guys.. Haiz.. I was looking through some blogskins last night.. The pictures inside are all so nice... Rainie Yang and Ariel Lin.. Cute.. :D.. And now, I just feel like learning to create a blogskin so I no need to find those super nice ones when I can create one.. Hehe.. But I dunno how.. =.=.. Anyway, I like Elva's new song.. Oh ya.. I think not many people know who Jonas, Shi Kang Jun is.. So sad... But he is the president of Artchemist, a music sch!! I did not know until kor told me.. No wonder he tell me to join Artchemist instead of LWS... Hahas.. Then I tell Stella that nobody knows who is Jonas then she was like surprised.. Actually, not really surprise la.. Cos he a few years did not cut an album, of course nobody will know him la.. Hahas.. Ok la.. Signing off here.. Byebye..^.^
P.S Good luck to people taking their EOY.. ^.^v