Monday, 23 March 2009

~T2Wk1 Journal Writing: Earth Hour~
Well. it is an event to encourage people to turn unnecessary lights and stop global warming....... It is held on the 28th of March at 8.30 to 9.30p.m it is on a Saturday:) Many people use a lot of light/ electricity so they organise this event to tell people not to use too much electricity.. They will off their lights to support this event.... I can organise to tell stories, play hide and seek in the dark rooms of my house..... Petrol going out soon..... Say bye bye to them.... One word, inconvenience......

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

~T1W1o Journal Writing: Sports and School Sports Day~
Yes, I did attend... As usual, boring.... The others are running, while we are sacrificing ourselves to become roasted duck.......:) The most interesting part is when we played the games. It is one of the okay okay sports day in my primary school days... The most uninteresting part is when we were sitting down there sacrificing ourselves.....:) Move to another location which have an indoor stadium...... Yes and no. For yes, we can evcersise and keep fit.... For no, we will feel extra with all the muscle aches and tired after the sports..... Yes.... Swimming like last year but I swim once a week now because of school work.... As usual, to help us keep fit..... Games like running after the person, if you caught the person the person must do certain kind of punishment, if u fail to catch the person, you must do certain kind to punishment........
~T1W9 Journal Writing Fire Safety~
Well, I did not seen anything like this before but I know that if this thing happens, your house will be gone.:) First thing, grab all my valuables and run out of the building..... When at home, maybe an electrical wire was not working and you did not change it, it may cost a fire or when someone did not off something, it can also create fire..... When at outside, maybe it is too hot that caused forest fire or maybe a leaking kerosene with a little bit of fire could cause a bigger fire.... For home, I can check the electrical wires, they must be switched off..... For outside, maybe be alert around my surrounding, if I see something that can create fire, I must stop it immediately..... Yes I think so.... They make noise when they see something happening enen though I admit that they are a bit rude and naughty but they can still contribute. I will put some games that are fun and able to learn the importance of fire safety.