Sunday, 28 February 2010

~Saturday February 27~
0.o.. second last dae of Feb.. Jus finish watching Guessx3.. Why change to Yao Yao? A wan Hu Die Jie Jie!! I wan her.. She so cute.. Waa... Jus now got chat with Fann a bit la.. Then they come to my house.. 0.o.. Eat, watched Down With Love.. Ella so cute with Jerry Yan.. ^^ Ella, the second cutest in S. H .E.. Next is Hebe.. Then Selina the prettiest.. Hehe.. ^^ Then news.. I go be a good host.. Help jie jie and kor kor give drinks.. See, i so good.. Then say alot of things in FB.. One post from Fann caused Li Xuan and I start a topic to talk.. Talk about something.. Guess wad is it.. I won tell.. Only Fann and LX noes... Yes.. They noe.. Then jus now watching Down With Love tat tym, play cards with didi and ah long jie jie.. We play blackjack.. Then i keep having the small small numbers.. So angry.. Then jie jie say, if you get over 21 one time, mus sing.. Then I kanna la.. i sang my hot favorite now.. 习惯就好.. Tat one ar.. *sigh* post into FB on something lyk tat.. I ended up wan to call for help from somebody.. Anonymous Friend.. Hehe.. 匿名的好友.. Hahas.. Cannot tell who.. I wan to keep a secret.. Keep thinking, I like very long time never get my feelings until so HIGH le.. The last time is... I forget le.. Last year.. Haiz.. I wan to go back.. I now no HIGH feelings but keep crying.. Always in bad mood.. Alot of problems since coming into secondary sch.. I become 爱哭鬼 already.. Can go Guessx3 already.. Hahas..

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

~February 24 2010~
Haiz.. Common Test tis week.. Dun even noe will pass anot.. anyway, this Saturday, jie jie and kor kor they all come to my house.. Yay! Tat dae saw toto and the him and her.. Still as pretty.. :) Saw someone else today.. She also got watch Hi My Sweetheart and Autumn's Concerto.. So good.. I alos ean to watch.. lian jie jie say nice to watch.. I will try.. Toto no change but the house de door there got one fence le.. hahas.. I can carry her le.. Also got take pictures.. Hehe.. cute cute one... So stress.. Stupid Geo teacher.. Give 12 pages of homework and wan us to finish by tomorrow.. Then got 1 page is atlas one.. She say go see book de last page got world map.. I see le.. My book still got three blank spaces.. Haiz.. Tell her go buy one atlas for all of us lah... Must be 36 ar.. Cos you wan us to pass, buy one atlas for me lo... Okays.. dun wan to write le.. Hope you guys like my new blogskin.. HMS leh... Hehe.. Some more got music.. all my favorites.. Hehe.. Ok la.. Bye Bye..

Friday, 12 February 2010

~ Friday February 12~
Went back to APS today.. Without Miss Fann Ong coz her mother dun allow... Tired day, the chinese new year celebration today was okay but too short le.. Almost fan lian with Fann tat dae.. Cried in the toilet.. After tat, nothing happened, go chao lyrics for two songs.. I felt very super to finish one song de lyrics in a dae.. Fann and I made up the next dae but very little sms going.. Haiz.. She busy with sch work while me, busy with cca, homework and tutorial.. Geography teacher was late for 15 mins so angry.. Kept us waiting for her.. Okay, talk about todae.. Saw Justyn Au and Angelo at the back gate while waiting for SC and Deon... Amost cannot recognise them le.. Cos SC face got more pimples.. Shall I recommend you some products for pimples? They work you noe.. But hor.. Like very expensive lyk tat leh.. Dun care la.. Wat matters is your face is healthy.. But I dun wan to celebrate CNY with this face leh.. Forget it.. I put powder.. Saw Mr Koo, Mr Ong and Mdm Loke in sch.. Mr Koo bought 3 tickets for a concert.. I am jealous.. Anyway, he will be going with girls.. Hahas.. Haven been talking on the phone for 2 weeks le.. Sian.. saw so many ppl in APS go Pierce.. Even Kai Wen.. I leh.. Go FCSS.. Kinda excited.. Can see those ppl i wan to see.. When is the last time I saw them? Hmm... Forgot which dae le.. Opps.. Forgot about the show and tell.. My turn liao lor.. I brought my pictures there.. Is my mama choose one.. I introduced the one we went to ECP one and the field one.. Very nervous but luckily, Miss Lee say very good *sigh*.. so relaxed... CNY concert one of the MC is Jaslinda lo.. Hahas... Nandinii and I kept talking about her.. How long her hair is and blah blah blah.. Suddenly I look in front and saw my K2 pictures.. I felt tat I looked cute.. Hehe.. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve le... Yay! But hor mus be patient with tat two children leh.. Plus my bro, very chaotic le.. Okay, stop writing le.. I wish everyone here a happy Chinese New Year..
P.S: I won be writing my Chinese blog todae..

Saturday, 6 February 2010

~ Friday February 5~
Okays.. Like wat I promised in my diary.. I decided to write this blog again so tat someone.. Can read it.. I will be writing my chinese blog also.. Hehe.. Okay, to the main point.. So stress this whole week... But had fun in netball, English class and Maths class.. I passed my geography test so no need to stay for tutorial.. Yay! No need to see tat teacher face.. Hahas.. Not playing well for the tournament.. Lost 3 matches... Urgh... All sec 2.. We here got three sec 2 only leh... The rest all sec 1.. So sad.. Haven been talking to Miss Fann Ong for the past one week le.. I heard she stomach ache.. I hope you feeling better... I am still wondering wat should I do for the show and tell.. Hmmm.... Okay.. Enough writing le.. Bye..
Li Wen