Monday, 25 April 2011

~Monday 25 April~
Yo~~~~~ i am backk!!! hahas! :D like what i said, i shall post what Bernice said into this lil bloggie~ okayy~ the text as followed: "You don't bother about what the person say luh? So long that you know that you did not wrong. (:" hehe~ thanks uhh! i know i did nothing wrong! :D kekeke~ mummy left sg yesterday.. :( sad much! i miss her! almost cried soooo many times! D: okayy~ end here~ byebye~ P.S: sch is okayy today. except that bitche glanced at me! so? i goot kill you mehh? stare for what? to kill me ahh? tell you what, NO CHANCE! HAHA!

Friday, 22 April 2011

~Friday 22 April~
heyhey, back to post! :) sports day yesterday, so freaking fun! :D spent the whole sports day hanging out with 4N1 people, and its so fun! ^^ met Bernice at her house downstairs in the morning.. saw her maid and brother.. 0.0 then she came, walked to sch, found her classmates, she chatted, i stoned.. :) then class assemble for attendance taking and morning assembly.. after that, march past, back to house colour.. then, Bernice sms-ed me asking where am i and then go find her, i am like dun dare to go, scared teacher catch me luhh! okayy, i went in the end.. so many 4N1 people there~ :) her classmates is so freaking fun.. hehe.. :D after sports day, wanted to go to cwp, but Bernice changed her mind and went to her house for AWHILE to slack instead.. went there, nobody.. 0.0 then in her room, she edited and uploaded those pictures taken earlier on into fb.. then her maid came back, then her father.. o.0 then i wanted to go home at 2.45, but just a few minutes before that, she started playing with my hair~ and i ended up going home at 3.30++.. AWHILE indeed! :D she tied my hair into plaits, quite nice indeed~ ^^ then tuesday, farewell party, three people cried.. 0.0 i didn't, i feel like very cold hearted! btw, the seniors took so long to come! but they have the motivation talk luhh~ then have pizza~^^ until 7 o'clock then go home! *so late*!! then wed, got ppl cry again.. -.- yesterday, ALSO GOT PEOPLE CRY! cry babies luhh!!! then one bitch, said i say our class lan, the say what i standing broad jump fail.. so?? the text as followed: i think we ran pretty good, but SOME PEOPLE THINK IT'S LOUSY. Speak for yourself, you CAN'T EVEN DO THE STANDING BROAD JUMP PROPERLY AND YOU KEEP PLAYING WITH YOUR HAIR! As if you can run any better, I'll like to see you TRY. -.- well, i can say, fuck off bitch! you think you can run so fast mehh? i not playing with my hair what! i am just tying, i am a girl who wants perfect for my hair! not like you! dunno how to tie your own hair and yet you still wanna keep long hair?! well, you are so fucking pathetic! you dun even know how to tie your own hair, you failed your 2.4. and you dare to laugh at me?! ha! i am like wayyyyy better than you luhh!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!! so what? our class is soooooooo lousy what! it is a fact! indeed, i hate the class, i hate the sch!!! you can't stop me for hating right? you think you so good mehh? i heck care luhh!!!! *okayy i CARE!* end the complain here~ went to mac for lunch, then go baibai, then go uncle house, daddy help cousin install com then go ye gu ma house collect laptop, then go amk hub change money then go NTUC buy stuffs then go san gu ma house see ah toh~~ she very pan ni like that.. dun want to eat her dinner.. -.- then she ate in the end.. someone went to the neighbor's house, she barked like mad.. looks like its someone giving out flyers? 0.0 she stopped after that~ then went for dinner, homed, bathed, blogging and ylbfb now~ okayy~ byebye~ homework next!^^

Saturday, 16 April 2011

~Saturday 16th April~
Hellooooo~~~ back to post!! just took a nap before coming here, obviously, i drooled on my assessment book.. :o lazy me!!! hehehe~ received my costume for syf already~ sucks ttm sia! i rather take the one two years ago luhh.. then my seniors all their costume got allowance, i dun have.. T.T must slim down!!! later i wanna go jogging already~ :( mye is coming too~ sooo gonna revise! :( lets talk about this week then~monday, as per normal, then at netball, i am just putting a fake smile, and i HATE it! tues same same, got tutorial after assembly~ then wed, last day of music enrichment, teacher did not play lorean songs, nevermind, but i cannot stay until the end of the lessons sia! D: missing the class so much! added cher into FB already.. thurs, din go netball.. cos go see the sepak takraw finals my sch playing.. boring ttm! then go causeway buy stuff to eat then home~ fri, took guzheng costume, like i said, it sucks ttm! then got 成语比赛, idk alot sia! :(( teacher lorr!! last minute then tell me.. :( then today, sch, home, sleep, blog.. :D siannn~~ tomorrow got sch~~ :( monday syf le~ wish me luck barhh!! oh ya~ then on monday. before weekly test, while i was buying my food, after i bought it, Bernice called me~ chatted awhile with me, then Sew Cheen Da came!!!! WTH!!! he was like sat on out bench without asking permission sia! then Bernice de friend also over there! we just talked about him then he came!! the i hurry up zao, then i bet Bernice told alot of stuffs to her friend about me~ -.-" watched 飞行少年 that day.. quite nice~ pets ceng very cute as usual~ tomorrow is da day!!! rainie yang new show!!! hehehe~~ gonna watch!!! okayy.. end here~ byebye~ :D P.S I FINALLY FINISHED MY ART HOMEWORK!!! YAY!!! :D

Sunday, 10 April 2011

~Sunday 10 April~
YO~!! sorry uhh.. previous post is like nonsense? hahas.. shall talk about this week then~ monday, hmmm.. nothing happened? hahas.. tuesday, i forgot.. -.- wed, music enrichment.. fun like hell! teacher finally let us hear korean songs.. oops.. not teacher.. its classmates~ so i really really want to go next wed.. i dun care about the guzheng luhh.. might as well as skip then tell teacher not feeling well.. -.- then thursday.. netball damn fun sia! we birthday bashed Ruhana.. fun like hell! she damn wet sia! then still got lessons.. hahas.. then those sec 1s, they are soooo what sia!!! hate them lo!! dun care already luhh.. friday, as usual lo.. just change the strings for my guzheng.. hand damn pain.. yesterday go hall and practice.. teacher damn stingy sia! let us on one fan nia.. then she herself got one.. then we damn hot de lorr!!! f her luhh!! ohh yaa.. wed, jia xin damn funny sia! i laugh like hell! then we sitting behind ling zhi in the bus, she talking to someone, then jia xin at the back say alot alot of funny stuffs.. make me laugh like hell!! hahahahaha.. then today, 6 am wake up go sao fen~ damn tired.. then very dirty.. actually, okok la~ just that got alot of ants there nia. then go amk for breakfast, home, bathed, napped, go tuition, home again, blogging.. :) now having dinner and its raining! :D okayy.. byebye~ p.s i miss them!!! ><


I MISS YOU~~~ I really really do!! :( i am missing so much stuffs about you.. :( i miss the times we had.. i miss the fun we had.. i walked on the same road, same time with you.. but i feel the lonliness when i walked there alone.. okayy.. done with all the nonsense.. next post shall be something sensical~