Sunday, 30 January 2011

~Saturday 30 January 2011~
0.o about how long did not post le??? hahas.. yesterday, went for that china concert thingy.. yesterday was soooooooo fun.. :) cross country, i did not run.. :P slacking and waiting for Bernice.. she did not catch up with me.. she is behind me lo.. but Jing Yi did.. :) then went straight home, bathed, went out again.. went to cwp with Bernice.. she went there to buy gifts for the china students.. but, we went to cotton on first to buy her shoes.. =.=" got one big hole.. buy liao then go ichiban sushi to buy sushi and eat.. ^^ then, to faceshop.. she bought lip gloss for them.. more suitable luhh.. :) then walked around, go do the thing i dunno how to say.. xD i did tigger.. Bernice did eyore i think it is spell like this luhh.. do liao le, walked around again.. then rested.. went to mini toons and buy candies.. until now, haven finish eating yet.. -.-" then go popular find her church friends.. :) then, went to her house cos near school ma.. go there and change.. xD hehe.. her house there de wind damn big sia.. very shiok.. :D then i was late for school.. the other guzheng members already trying on the costume.. they also move the insrument there liao.. then try le, put inside the bus, put liao le, no space to sit.. i sat beside mr soh.. :) he damn cute sia.. although he always fierce fierce de, but his inner side is super cute~ ^^ then when we reached, set up guzheng, changed and went up to see performance.. see half way, go down and practice a bit.. then mr soh keep looking for us and disturb us.. hahas.. we are the last ones to eat dinner de lo.. nothing left.. then head back to school.. 9 ++ reach sch.. put everthing inside HOD room.. waited for daddy's car.. drive Jing Yi back also.. :) then reach home le damn tired.. but still managed to do a few questions of ace-learning.. then go sleep.. today, damn tired de.. my costume i wore last night went missing.. i got to try on the costume again.. =.=" then waited for daddy and mummy for like half an hour? slept throughout the trip.. reached home, eat, rest, take nap.. wake up, pack bag, go occ.. rained awhile nia.. then continued training.. i went to uncle damien group and train today sia.. :( training in hell lehh.. almost fainted in the water.. then go buy dinner.. reached home, finished up ace-learning, forgot to do mask.. so i am doing now.. and now blogging.. anyways, my blog is soo dead! nobody visits it.. i really really really still think i had a super memorable day yesterday.. :) love them to the max! :D then thursday mr soh scolding us like mad.. i really think that PYK and FP did very wrong.. then the others, instead of stopping them, laughing like mad.. when sent to DM's room, the scolding like mad.. i kept thinking, if you knew that if they played, you should know what will happened.. so why did you laugh when they are playing but not stop them? ok luhh.. enough of typing for today.. nights!
PS: maybe going to malaysia tomorrow.. :)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

~January 9 2011~
its 2011 already.. :( school started, every show comes to an end.. i can't watch new ones.. :( awww.. x family~~~ xiu~~~ :( hahas.. school is okok luhh... except that i had to work with Cyrus for that damn project work.. :( why so suay?? hao xuan bu xuan, pian pian xuan dao ta.. :( haiz.. made new friends anyways.. got 4 transfer students.. 2 chinese, 1 vietnamese and 1 phillipino.. i guess that is how you spell that.. xD homework load is still at acceptable range when i still got time to take a nap at night.. but i guess it would increase as time passes as we are having the streaming year.. and finally~~ my class got people join guzheng liao! :DD Wen Shu joined in.. it made me soo happy~ :D anyways, what Cyrus did on Tuesday was kinda unacceptable.. he can do whatever thing infrontt of me, but he cannot hurt my self esteem!!! he said stuff through Miss Lee's ears.. it is obvious that he is talking about me right? lets not talk about him already.. he just pisses my off.. yesterday, plurk was so noisy.. they talked about SNSD and sones.. idk who is sones.. :P hehe.. ^^ okies.. write till here~ byebye~