Friday, 30 April 2010

~Friday 30 April~
The chalet was damn fun.. Hahas.. Played badminton with ah boy ge ge, his Gf and Ah De kor kor.. Added his GF on FB.. She tell me to add de.. Will post all zi lian pics tonight.. I got more now.. Hehe.. Never took pics there.. Dunno why.. Hehe.. School was like a total torture for me.. Will have a close up on my secret on _________... Exams is today.. EL, summary was a torture.. I panicked like hell.. Mr Soh say we cannot talk until dismissal.. Well, everybody talked except me.. All never follow instructions de... When sitting for Paper 2, I found one of my correction tape missing.. Darn.. I was furious.. I thought was Cyrus and he would return to me.. But when I collecting extra paper that time, I turned back and saw ______ 's table there got my correction tape.. I was super furious.. Steal my correction tape.. Never ask permission from owner is steal right? Ya la.. It is steal lo.. Brother wan to use le.. Will stop here.. Anything missing, will write it tonight.. Bye..
P.S All blanks will be filled up in ______ hehe.. Except the first one luh..

Saturday, 24 April 2010

~Friday 23 April~
Rainie's concert is tomorrow.. Cannot go.. But i hope she is feeling better.. Jia yous for the concert.. Hehe.. Tomorrow also going chalet and have fun! Yay! So excited.. Can see ah jie they all.. But I dun think all will be present ba.. Some like working tomorrow wor.. But both kor kor can make ma.. 4 o'clock off work... Pasir Ris.. Never been there for a year le.. But can still remember clearly.. Today, because of racism problem, the whole class got argument.. Shamirul got angry and almost cried.. I go comfort him.. Tell him that it is not worth to cry for those people who dun treasure you, care about you.. Out there, got alot of people care about you, why dun you care and treasure them instead of caring and treasuring those who dun treasure you.. Well this happens to me EVERYTIME.. So i tell myself "我是SHERO,女强人。。我的泪,不值得为他们流..." Hehe.. Actually, I told myself this after hearing what S.H.E said on promoting their new album.. Until now eh, cannot find Butterfly de new song.. But found the MV le.. Hahas..Just love her.. So cute.. Show de concert also coming le.. He this few days also never go YLBFB and host.. Maybe because of the concert ba.. Jia yous.. lolx.. Found another Rainie's Blog.. That one like her real one leh.. YLBFB got put.. I that time so happy.. Hahas.. Okay la.. Dun wan to write le.. Btw, took some zi lian pics.. Will post very soon.. Bye..

Thursday, 22 April 2010

~Thursday 22 April~
This few days like shit la.... Go learn malay, so boring.. Then today afternoon something happened.. Dun wan to say, gonna write in secret bloggie.. Today, got farewell party for graduating seniors in netball... Actually want to play mini game de.. But raining.. So we stay inside one clasrrom and EAT.. Hehe.. Bee Hoon.. Evelyn and Su Teng all say very hot, Nan, Jus and I say okok leh.. Then also got take pics.. Then Xenia got draw something on the board about the senoirs de, then she missed out one senoir.. The senoir go write her name plus a question mark.. Then I laugh.. She after that also got laugh.. Then I tell her she miss out the senoir name, she told me she laugh because I laugh very funny.. Btw, today was a good day for me, I have enjoyed it.. Good Luck to the senoirs in their exams...Yesterday de YLBFB very funny.. Butterfly and Alien as host.. Because, Show de concert coming le.. I found his blog.. Hehe... Okay lar.. cannot remember what happened le.. So shall stop here ba.. Bye..

Saturday, 17 April 2010

~Friday 16 April~
Ugh.. Tomorrow is the day.. Cannot go.. Anyway, it has been sold out.. What is the point of going to buy when you know it has been sold out.. Anyway, hope tomorrow the concert will go through smoothly.. Kudos to Mr Koo.. He is able to get 3 of the tickets.. 18th April.. Also cannot go Plaza Singapura.. Darn it.. I want to go.. Waa.. Received an award for top 10% level academic today.. It is kinda useless when you do not have BFFs around except for someone who is always beside me, sharing my woes.. not telling who.. I now also wondering why cannot find Butterfly's new song, 彩虹气泡.. Downloaded 阿杜's 听见牛在哭.. A nice song worth to hear.. One more is Rainie's new song.. 异想天开.. Nice also.. Her concert is coming, in Taiwan.. I heard she is sick.. Hope she get well soon and all the best for the concert.. Show is also coming to SG.. Cannot go also.. 3D without the specs somemore.. Haiz.. Dun wan to write le.. Byebye..

Thursday, 15 April 2010

~Thursday 15 April~
Hihi.. Long time no post le.. Hehe.. Lazy ar.. 0.o.. Just now.. at kor kor room, suddenly got one one 'ahhhh' de sound.. hahas... is kor kor de GF.. The bed suddenly drop... Hahas.. The bed want to spoil le.. Today sports day.. I din run.. But i got there relax.. Listen songs, read Dorothy bring de e-pop..^^.. But all read before le.. Dun care.. Nothing to do.. Then see teachers run.. Hahas.. Mr Soh run very funny.. Then my class eh.. Did not win anything.. Haiz.. One of my dearest kor kor de b'day coming le.. Go chalet.. Yay! Hahas.. I want to wish him, next time dun be so ling se le.. I think is 27 years old le... Must find GF.. Hahas.. Of course ma.. His two younger brother already got GF le leh.. Hmm.. 2 more days to counting down to S.H.E Is The One concert.. Full le.. I cannot go.. So sad.. Also wan to go to the celebration at Plaza Singapura the next day.. But also cannot go.. Haiz.. How I wish to go.. 17th April.. I will be at Victoria Theater.. See concert.. School sponser us de... Now listening to 阿杜 de 听见牛在哭.. It is a nice song.. Ok la.. dun write le.. want to play PS le.. Byebye..