Saturday, 31 December 2011

~Saturday 31 December~
HELLO EVERYBODY! last post of the year~ :D watching Taiwan de countdown now~ :D very busy and high~~ ^^ sec 3 next year~~ more challenges, more problems. hope i can tahan till i finish o lvls~ ok~ thats it~ very short~ cos i wanna watch my countdown~ :D byebye~ Happy New Year!^^

Saturday, 17 December 2011

~Saturday 17 December~
yo~~~ December liao uhh!! damn sian liao lehhh!!! school wanna reopen soon.... -.- worst is with the cca....... D: dragging it uhh! anyways, went to watch Already Famous today like finally~ XIAO GUI SO CUTE LEHH!!! omgggggg!!!!! i just love this cute guy!!! ^^ I FREAKING LOVE THE ENDING SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHH!!!!!!! <3!!!!! then today, while otw to meet Fann, MRT break down again..... -.- waited for like 15 mins? then come sia. damn long!! then go sing k, k lunch, then bought koi.^^ bought a big bottle and ended up having a full bladder after the movie. hehehe~! after i watched the movie, my 花痴病又犯了~ yeah. and then it annoyed Fann and Deon with me spamming their twitter. heheh. hahaha! oh yes. made a review on the movie on tumblr~ go see~~~ :DDDD here it is: i wanna say it again lehh. I LOVE THE ENDING SO MUCH!!! IT IS SO SWEET!!!!! OMGGGGG~ hehehe~ oh yah. worked on monday, tuesday and wednesday. made some mistakes though...... :\ i think because i haven't wake up... hahahaha~ then i bought a book. this week. went to CC on thursday. finally found Rainie pictures!!! and found Calvin's and DT too!!^^ then it was 2E1'11 class outing, i got completely ignored once we were at CC. those people just left me there without telling me that they were leaving the shop. WTF. then in the cinema, i was supposed to seat with Cyrus, but he seemed like he didn't want to seat next to me. so, yah, i change seat with Wen Shu. i didn't want to say it to my mummy, then she forced me to. i went crazy that night. yeahh. I REALLY DID NOT TAKE IT TO HARD OKAYYY! seriously, forcing me will make me crazy. i kept shouting saying i didn't take to heart. she just dun believe me! wtf. ughhh!! i shall end that day here. 6.4'09 class outing on tuesday, it was quite fun!^^ though only 8 of us came. :D the guys went there eat only. Jie Qian didn't contribute a single thing, not even helping me to carry those stuffs when my hand almost turned black! ok can. then bus home-ed. kor not feeling well, then go visit him at hospital. he was discharged that night..... reached home one plus then bathed like finally.... then dry hair, then bed. hahaha. okayy. shall end here. i need to bathe. bye~!