Sunday, 17 August 2008

Term 3 Week 9 : The Olympic Games

1. The origin of the Olympics is from Greek.
2. The Olympics is the greatest achievement for every sportsman.
3. Well, sometimes I watch most of the events on swimming and I also watched the finals on Monday. It is such a pity that Tao Li did not manage to get into the top 3 but she has already done Singapore proud.
4. Tao Li impressed me most because, to me, Tao Li is the best swimmer I ever seen other than Michael Phelps although he already won eight golds. If he is a Singaporean, he would be a multimillionare.
5. I would love to. I would like to take the swimming Individual Medley(IM) and the relay. I would like to participate because my dream is to be a swimmer who can represent Singapore at any important competitions.
6. Yes it is. It brings entertainment to many people and it can

Monday, 11 August 2008

Term 3 Week 8 : National Day

1. National Day is a day where we celebrate or remember how our country got her independence without anyone ruling the country.
2. We celebrate National Day to mark the day when SIngapore got her independence after the seperation of Malaya.
3. Well, I celebrated National Day by going to my uncle's house, play with my cousins and watch the live show on T.V although I already watched the National Day preview.
4. Well, as for me, I enjoyed my time during the celebration even though I did not participate in the cross country this year.
5. Well, my impression was quite good as this was the first time I watched the parade live in action and I enjoyed it very much.
6. We can improve by putting more hiring a violist to make the National Day theme song more like the song of our hometown.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Term 3 Week 7 : Copyright

1. Copyright is a form of protection provided to the authors of their works for example, compositions, story, pictures and the design of something made by the person himself.
2. They can be compositions, story, pictures and design of something they created on their own.
3. I think it is wrong because it is stealing in the net and you can be fined.
4. I have to ask for their permission before using it and put credits on the first page where I can find those stories, pictures etc.
5. I guess I might be fined or jailed if you use the materials of others without their permission.
6. No I don't.
7. We can put a check on those who visit the page by telling everyone to put their websites on our websites so we can check if they copy the works.