Monday, 29 March 2010

The escalator at ION..

Sry for not posting her photos for such a long time..
Hehe.. Hope you like it.. She is growing fatter.. Hahas..
Much better..^^

Humph... Never look at the camera.. ^^
I look as if I am strangling her right? Cause she dun wan to see the camera mahs..

Super cute Toto.. Guess who is carrying her..

(hint: I talked about her here many times)

~Monday 29th March~
Okie.. Today, e-learning.. At first leh, cannot login to moodle.. Then I call hotline.. Ok le lo.. That day go muar haven post yet.. Hehe.. Ah Bing Jie Jie de BF also got go.. We go one place and pray, they two sweet couple go buy malt candy.. I so furious.. Never buy one for me.. Yesterday leh, whoa.. Three Jie Jie come.. So happy.. They buy KOI... I get to drink Ah Rui Jie Jie one.. So many pearls.. Hehe.. She say she chew until tired lerhs.. Hahas.. Ah Long Jie JIe but Green Tea.. Ah Ling Jie Jie leh.. Dunno leh.. Ah Rui Jie Jie start work today... Jia yous.. 思蕊姐姐,加油!Hehe.. Saturday, netball carnival.. So nice but hot.. I kana sunburn.. Pain.. Bernice also make me 影响深刻... Dunno why lehs.. Hahas.. Play 6 matches.. Each about 15mins like tat.. All lose except for last one.. Hehe.. Sembawang Sec de Sec 3, 4 and 5.. Opponent ask me I sec wat.. I say cannot hear.. She say another time, her friend call her.. Hahas.. I did a good job.. The opponent throw high ball, I jump and smack the ball.. Ah Ling Jie Jie say, "You think you play basketball ar?" Hahas.. My leg got two colour.. White and Black... Lols.. Face getting better.. Yay! Hahas.. Ok le.. Bye bye..

Thursday, 18 March 2010

~Thursday 18 March~
Hihi.. Jus come back not long ago from Nandinii house.. Actually very long le la.. Go do project.. Okie.. Time to write this few days de reflection or whatsoever.. Yesterday, wake up so early.. Go Orchard Road there de OG sale.. So many people.. Then go ION walk walk.. Take a picture of how long the escalator is.. Very long.. From first floor to 5th floor ba.. Then go OCC and bathe.. Bathe le.. See them training.. 0.o.. I din go.. Hehe.. After tat go watch movie.. We watch Little Big Soldier.. So nice and funny.. Then we Saturday go IT show.. Alot of people.. Then we bought a laptop and 1 broadband.. Okok.. Stop writing le.. Bye bye..

Friday, 12 March 2010

~Friday 12 March~
I forgot to thank Cyrus for helping me set my time for my dictionary.. Hehe.. Thank you very much.. Went for guzheng today... Sudddenly dunno where all senoir they all go.. Left me alone in the room.. I started to dig their music score files.. Haha..^^.. So many homework.. Haiz... Like very long time nvr use 'haiz' already... Bu still very fan... Fan until many pimples start popping up... Just heard from my mummy yesterday tat ah bing jie jie also gioing to Muar.. Yay! Another accompany.. Dunno why dun wan to spend quality time with her BF leh? Who knows, maybe he not free ba.. Ok la.. oday no need to write so much.. So, bye bye..^^

Thursday, 11 March 2010

~ Thursday 11 March~
Yay! Holidays coming soon... Just bought a new bag yesterday..^^ so scared my birthday present spoil ma.. So buy new bag lo.. Tuesday, LAM (Level Academic Master/Mistress), Mr Soh, Class 1E1 GP, talk about our academic results.. 1N1 sitting beside us.. We got the worst class for Common Test.. So diu lian.. 1N1 boys keep saying us.. So wat you guys have the best results in the whole 1Ns? Then, I think is last week ba.. Danish got scolded by Mr Soh for sleeping in class.. He cried.. 0.o.. Serves him right.. Mouth keep moving in class, non-stop de.. Oh ya.. My dearest kor kor got into the Lee Wei Song choir or whatsoever la.. He missed da jie de birthday party.. All there except him.. Anyway, he chosen to sing 撑腰.. Hehe.. Sang by Mr. Pig... Xiao Zhu.. He say he need to dance.. 0.o.. So use com go youtube and see the MV again.. Mus zhu fu him.. Jia yous.. Your no. 1 fan.. Hahas.. This Sunday go Muar with the RC.. At least not only me go la.. My dearest ah rui jie jie also going.. Cos she say she 29th den start work ma... So follow her mama go lo.. Such a filial girl.. Hahas.. E-learning, heard from Mr Foo tat it will be on the 29th-30th march.. 0.o.. such a coincidence.. Ah rui jie jie start work tat dae.. ^_^v.. Also mus zhu fu her.. Jia yous in your new job.. ^^.. Will always suppport you.. Hahas..^^.. Okie, ending here.. night night..