Sunday, 22 July 2012

~Saturday 21 July~
hello. damn busy this week lehhh!!!!!!!! kao! -.- so many tests.... ughhhhhhhhhh. T.T anyways went out with the girls for k session last week. is damn freaking ex! but had so much fun! now i miss them. T.T study session with them next week. but the rest are going...... soooooooo. idk to look forward or what. cos after what yy said, i errrrrr. kinda errrrrr. 不方便說.... yeahhh. but..... yah. had so much fun at graffiti cafe and we chatted for like 2 hours there! :D i miss manping. xD k. don't tell heri said this ahhhhhhh. hahahahah! she never fail to make me laugh de siaaaaaaaaaaaa. listening to OCY give me de band song. oh. it just ended. not bad not bad. oh. im having Skype with OCY now too. siannnn. this week got like 8 tests, and then next week got 4 already. :( something to be happy about is.......... bfb got ko one part 2 de news!!!!!!!!!^^ imma put the video up here. wait. i swear OCY's mother is so cute! hahahahahah! shouting over the phone! wait. back to the topic. here is the video. its like 金寶三 said 收視率破5,就親曾沛慈. and every 寵物迷 in the forum is like....... "可以不破5嗎?破4.99就好了“ they so cute sia!!!!!!! all dw peici to kiss him. hahahahahahahah! and she go 模仿that korean guy so cute!!!!!!!!!!! “沛慈你看!為什麽我我我我,黃牛他是臺灣人,一句,我兩句,為什麽?!我要瘋了!" especially when peici said the 我我我我我 is damn freaking cuteeeee!!!!! hahahahahahah! okayyyy. im like damn broke nooowwwww. i wanna buy nairong's new album, meizhen's new album, rainie's new album.... whyyyyyyyyy?!?!?! ohh. that day after that LIVE that has ko one part 2 news, then the next day is guoxuefu de lian ai bai fen bai!!!!!! i was damn happy, some more is ao quan host one!!!!!!! but it took so long to be posted, i fell asleep, woke up at 3 plus, and watch one part then buay tahan. go sleep........... then next morning then watch. okayyyy. write till here baaaaa. byebyeeeeeeeeee~~~~