Sunday, 29 August 2010

~28 August 2010 Saturday~
Hmm... They went back le... Will be back 2 weeks later ba.. With clothes and bags from her that we ordered online.. Hehe..^^... This week will be Alanna's birthday... Yay.. Can see that fat doggy.. Hahas... Now, I hate Cyrus James Lecaine Kai Jie!! I wonder if they are all in order anot... >.<.. He poured all my stationaries yesterday, put my jacket on Shafik's table... Say I got no friends.. Who say de? I want to work alone means I got no friends ar... I want to work alone means that I do not want any trouble... I got hao peng you de hor.. *Starts singing 好朋友 by show luo*... Hehe.. I sooo hate all of them!!! Then I love the show Mr Soh showed us... I cried again.. Well, almost.. Kazumi was so poor thing... And Erika was sooo bad... I hate her... Baba-chan was okay.. She was lonely thats all... Ok la... Stop here.. Good night and happy birthday to Alanna..^^

Monday, 16 August 2010

~Monday 16 August~
Today is my big day.. Almost cried when I saw mummy's sms.. Cos I was soo touched.. Then in the middle of the night, I was told to called somebody to say me a happy birthday.. Thank You ar.. Then must thank Ran.. He came even though he need to go back to camp.. he talked about his camo duty the day before.. Hahas.. Then he also very tired, so tired until go where can sleep where.. Hahas.. Then Ah Long Jie Jie must thank her work.. If not, she would be at somewhere holiday-ing and not be at the birthday celebration.. I also forgot to bring her present she also forget to bring mine.. Then Ah Rui Jie Jie go watch movie.. Ah Hua go LWS.. Excused.. Hahas.. Ah Long Jie Jie took a picture of that chicken wing and me.. We shall wait till she tag me in FB.. Hehe.. Many sms came... Facebook also have notification..^^... Bought new shoes.. I got a sports bra.... Given by Ah Long and Ah bing Jie Jie.. Ok la.. Shall stop here today..

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

˜Wednesday August 11˜
Hihi.. Sry ar.. This post de heading abit funny de.. Cos using her macbook.. Still getting the hang of it.. The keypad quite nice to type de.. Anyway, 5 more days to my big day.. So much things happened this month.. Gonna update that secret blog of mine soon.. Now the house abit quite packed already.. with so many people living in one house.. Poor bed.. Now, I kinda hate sch.. Cos with all those people around me..Making me sooo quiet which is extraordinary for me.. Yea.. A little.. Just now, go Youtube and watch Jolin's new song, 玩爱之途 hope I did not type wrongly uh.. The MV is soo NC 16... Watch until very eww... Not gonna say, but i advise people not to see it.. Watched Yao Yao's Honey MV also.. I fell in love with the song... So catchy.. And she also used her real voice when interviewed by the reporters.. Yea.. Her real voice is kinda nice.. Then Hu Die Jie Jie and Ya Tou's voices are real wa wa yin.. Ok la.. End here today.. Bye..

Saturday, 7 August 2010

~Friday 7 August~
9 more days!! To 16 August.. Hehe.. Had fun in audi just now.. Show Luo's birthday bash at bfb was.. Nice.. Jolin went.. She was like, damn pretty.. Hahas.. Elva also pretty.. ^^.. Fake Makiyo and Selina went.. The "Selina" look soo like Selina.. As for Makiyo, I dun know really look alike anot.. But 猪鬼 say look alike.. Then maybe look alike lo.. Recently, I feel in love with Jolin's new song.. For today de bfb.. Jolin de ting zheng hui.. Funny.. Xiao zhu and her.. They are always quarreling.. okok.. shall end here today..
Good Night..