Thursday, 30 July 2009

~Joural Writing T3Wk5: Cyberwelleness- Inappropriate Content~
So far, my answer is no.... And still no.. I would try to tell my friends that there is no free lunch in the world.. You need to pay the price if you follow what the website say or tell you to do..

Friday, 24 July 2009

~Journal Writing: T3 Wk4~
It depends how long I use the computer.. Sometimes half-an-hour or one hour or maybe more than two hours.. Well, I am quite addicted to the computer although I don't really use the computer everyday... It makes me spend less time doing social activities... Well, not really because I don't usually use the computer everyday.. I use them to do important things or when I get to use the computers, I would go to a website to watch videos... Well, I can do more social activities like hanging out with friends and family.. I would advise him/her that using the computer will do a little bit of good to them as they can learn through e-learning.. Even so, they should spend most of their time reading books and doing some assessments..

Thursday, 16 July 2009

~T3 Wk3: Effects of Preventive Measures on Pupils~
Well, I think it is good in the sense that when we have a person in school that has got the virus, the school can track down the person's class and find the person who has came contact into... None of these activities have affected me..Well, nothing affected... No... I still have the same amount of time I have since last term..:) No....