Sunday, 29 May 2011

~Sunday 29 May~
yoyoyo~ paisehh.. so long din blog. cos i can't post them.. :( okayy. i just settled Fann's blog, and its done!^^ watching DTLY now~^^ i hope that tang ai wei is really regretting on whatv she has done to jie xiu and how she take him for granted. she has done the wrong thing of letting him go already. muchless changing the person on the bed to her! okayy~ friday, went to nex with Fann Ong.. watched kung fu panda 2.. bought the drink which is large.. too big in the end.. xD i drank so much that i kept running to the toilet.. -.- 4 times.. then go sit flyer with family! fun! ate at the hawker there.. got that kind of going back to oldies de fu~~~ that i saw they got sell ding ding tang!! bought two boxes.. :D then back home.. saturday go si ma lu and bai bai.. then fetch popo to AMK to make clothes.. bought dinner there.. then fetched her back home before heading to occ.. then normal routine. bathed, eat, watch tv, home.. thats all.. then today, yi da zao go baibai again. then amk hub walk walk buy alot of things.. then i saw ah long jie jie and SC out AMK hub~^^ so funny... mummy and i kept calling jie.. she never respond.. then we followed behind her.. hahahah~ then she saw us.. chatted, buy a bit more things then home, now blogging and watching show~ okayy~~ byebye~!^^
ps: i am not gonna blog about last week, cos i forgot le..

Saturday, 21 May 2011

my new wallet~
mummy's share~ quite nice~ but i forgot the name..
my milk tea! :D
number 47!
Hello~~ back with the pics. paisehh~ late one week.. xD

Sunday, 15 May 2011

~Saturday 14 May~
hello~~~ back~ ^^ talk about monday then.. hmmmm.... let me think... its a public holiday, so stayed at home.. tuesday, Literature paper.. okok luhh~ i dun think i went back with Bernice that day.. then wednesday, art paper.. managed to draw finish. my lobster ended up soo cute after my modification.. -.- then met Bernice. she waitted outside my class after her paper and its soo funny.. she said register number 2 kept looking at her.. she said she wanted to tell her to concentrate on her paper. then the last guy on the last row kept leaning back sitting on two legs i think. and then i kept laughing.. hahahaha... then we went to ssc.. went to daiso and shopped.. she brought her coursework stuff and a pair of fake eyeleashes.. then we went to subway for lunch.. quite nice~ :) then comics connection.. i bought soo many things for Fann and Deon.. while Bernice spent $8 on her C.N Blue name tags.. -.- then home.. Bernice who told me the whole day then she did not see Nandinii the whole day told me that she saw her otw back home.. 0.o.. then thursday Maths Paper 2.. walked home with Bernice.. Friday, Home Ec then finish exams le~~~~ wheee~~~~ last sat, went to AMK Hub.. drank Koi.. superlicious! shall upload pics later.. bought new wallet there~ will also be posted here~ okayyy... time to watch 公主小妹 now~ byebye~~ ^^

Thursday, 5 May 2011

~Thursday 5 May~
yoyoyo~! back! science today.. quite okayy.. hope can make it.. maths and geog yesterday.. maths is okay, geog is........ a lil below okay? hmm.. then tues is chinese.. i managed to finish 583 words within 2 hours.. *phew* the only person taking HMT in 2E1, how embarrasing can that be? mummy is back! i missed her~! :D wait.. hmmmm... i forgot, i wanted to say something the other day, maybe is this one: after EL paper 1 the other day, our class chairperson cum student of the month, kept scolding Terry after he accidently kicked a chair out of the classroom.. she kept scolding 'fucker' and 'jibai' i was like, 'he kept apologising already... why are you still scolding him?' its like, he is from China, nevermind if you dun like him, but he left his parents in China to come here and study. he is not here to hear you scolding him right?! so what if the whole class detest him? he needs help at times you know?! if people treat you like that how? he needs help lehh! his english not as pro as you you know?! then, i told Bernice about this, she went to scold her on tues~ 0.0 then she told me that our class chairperson was joking.. bernice then told her, you play play then what if he takes it seriously how? his parents is not in singapore you know? if he is emotionally affected, who is gonna take responsibility? okayy.. seriously, thank you bernice!^^ i love you ttm! :D <3 she asked me out next wed.. :P okayy... end here~ byebye~!

Monday, 2 May 2011

~Monday 2 May~
yoyoyo~~~~ i am back~! :D its like 4 more days before mummy is back!! excited!!!! anyway, MYE is here too~~ sian!!!!!!! friday, went to Bernice house and slack after EL paper.. then, i was playing with my ipod, she was playing with her laptop.. then in msn, she pm-ed me..
In Msn:
Bernice: Hello
Me: What?
Bernice: you still dare to what me me huh
Me: yeahh.. ;)
Bernice: still yeah
Me: :P
*she came to 'attack' me.. haha!*
okayy.. got to go study.. =.= byebye~ blog later? see first.