Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Mi cousin new little puppy

Look at this cute little puppy. It is my cousin's new puppy named "toto." this puppy is about two months old. But I haven seen it yet but my cousin showed mi a picture taken by her phone. this puppy is very little so you must becareful when you see this puppy. You might step on him :)
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Monday, 3 November 2008

At home watching Tora! Tora! Tora!

Last night, arter tuition, I went home and watched a movie during the World war 2 some parts were serious and some were funny to me. The attack was in Perl Harbour and it is the limited edition. I don't know how my father got the disk but I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Term 4 Week 7 : Preparing for Examination

Well, I do assesments, revise my work and have a good night sleep:). I read my science book to revise my science, pratice tons of maths questions for maths and do tons of test papers for english and chinese. No I think not. I motivate by concentrating on my work so I can do better. No. No. I will relax and concentrate and try not to confuse myself.

Friday, 17 October 2008


The Fantastic Four girls :)
Say cheese.........
All of us......

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Term 4 Week 6: Littering and Vandalism

Littering is a dissorderly accumulation of objects while vandalism is deliberately mischievious or malicious destruction or damage of property destruction or damage of property. Littering is delibrately throwing something to dirty the place while vandalism is spoiling the public property. Maybe those children parents did not pay much attention on their children and those children learn from others. I feel the place is very dirty plus I will feel that the owner did not cherish them. Yes I have, in my classroom. Put a CCTV everywhere in the classroom. We should penalise or fine them.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Term 4 Week 3 : Recycling

1. Recycling is something that we use it again after using it.
2. To save Mother Earth and to make Singapore clean and green.
3. We can make a structure out of cans, newspapers and magazines or an art piece.
4. No. We sell the magazines and newspapers to the rag-and-bone man and we receive money from them after the weigh the items.
6. I think yes if everybody brings a stack of newspapers, there will be many stacks of newspapers and magazines.
7. Add more recycling products to recycle.
8. I would tell them, "recycle more and waste less."

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Term 4 Week 2 : Stress

1. 'Stress' is a kind of burden, too much of it can cause to depressions. Let's say too much work can cause stress, working overtime and can't cope with studies or work.
2. Too much work, working overtime etc.
3. I think I got no stress.
4. Too much work, too many things to do and too little time to do so many things.
5. I try to draw up a time table and must follow it.
6. They can give lesser homework but at the same time we get to learn something in the end.
7. Don't take work too hard have some time up.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


1. I think reading is very important.
2. I usually read 'The Singapore Cinderella'.
3. I read about 10 books every month.
4. Well, I read for leisure but in the end, I learnt something new.
5. Yes, people tend to forget about other things when computer comes and distract them.
6. The school can organise a campaign to encourage pupils to read and reward to those who read.
7. I would recommend the comic about Sir Stamford Raffles which is found in the library. The book is never boring even if I read thousands of time. I learnt alot after I read the book.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Term 3 Week 10 : Computer Games

1. Yes I play computer games. Well, I play computer games to kill time but now I seldom play computer games.
2. Well, I play internet games and downloaded ones as well.
3. Some computer games are fun so I will spend more time playing that particular game.
4. Yes I think so. Now, many families have computer so the kids in the house are able to play computer games.
5. Well, I did not play computer games now.
6. Well, I think yes. Many people spend hours playing computer games or using computer to do something else. The more a person plays computer games time will be deducted for the person to do his/her work. Eventually, the results will be affected.
7. Yes. I will try to persuade the person not to play too much computer games because, it will spoil your eyes if you play too long and your studies will be affected.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Term 3 Week 9 : The Olympic Games

1. The origin of the Olympics is from Greek.
2. The Olympics is the greatest achievement for every sportsman.
3. Well, sometimes I watch most of the events on swimming and I also watched the finals on Monday. It is such a pity that Tao Li did not manage to get into the top 3 but she has already done Singapore proud.
4. Tao Li impressed me most because, to me, Tao Li is the best swimmer I ever seen other than Michael Phelps although he already won eight golds. If he is a Singaporean, he would be a multimillionare.
5. I would love to. I would like to take the swimming Individual Medley(IM) and the relay. I would like to participate because my dream is to be a swimmer who can represent Singapore at any important competitions.
6. Yes it is. It brings entertainment to many people and it can

Monday, 11 August 2008

Term 3 Week 8 : National Day

1. National Day is a day where we celebrate or remember how our country got her independence without anyone ruling the country.
2. We celebrate National Day to mark the day when SIngapore got her independence after the seperation of Malaya.
3. Well, I celebrated National Day by going to my uncle's house, play with my cousins and watch the live show on T.V although I already watched the National Day preview.
4. Well, as for me, I enjoyed my time during the celebration even though I did not participate in the cross country this year.
5. Well, my impression was quite good as this was the first time I watched the parade live in action and I enjoyed it very much.
6. We can improve by putting more hiring a violist to make the National Day theme song more like the song of our hometown.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Term 3 Week 7 : Copyright

1. Copyright is a form of protection provided to the authors of their works for example, compositions, story, pictures and the design of something made by the person himself.
2. They can be compositions, story, pictures and design of something they created on their own.
3. I think it is wrong because it is stealing in the net and you can be fined.
4. I have to ask for their permission before using it and put credits on the first page where I can find those stories, pictures etc.
5. I guess I might be fined or jailed if you use the materials of others without their permission.
6. No I don't.
7. We can put a check on those who visit the page by telling everyone to put their websites on our websites so we can check if they copy the works.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Term 3 Week 6 : Racial Harmony

1. To me, racial harmony means peace where people from different races get together without any quarrels or disagreement.
2. Without racial harmony, there will be chaos in Singapore everyday brcause people won't get along like the Maria Hertogh riots.
3. I think yes because my aunt has friends from different races.
4. Yes I have. Well, since my friend is from my class, I got to know her by chatting with each other.
5. Well, I can do that by putting banners and create a group whereby different races of people could join the group and get along with each other on alternatives days.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Term 3 Week 5 : Sleepy Kids

1. Well, sometimes I sleep late at night but usually I got 6-7 hours of sleep at night.
2. I think no and yes because my mind is confused because sometimes when I wake up, I already feel sleepy and wanting to go back to my comfy bed.=)
3. Well, I will try to do some excersise to keep my body working and keeping me awake.
4. Sometimes. Because some days of the week, I would go for competetive swimming training or maybe I do my work or watch T.V.
5. Well, in the morning for weekdays, I would go to school by my father's red plate car if I wake up after 7 a.m, I need to take the transport. In the afternoon, I would usually eat my lunch then watch some television proggramme after that, I would then do my homework. I usually bathe at night. For saturday mornings, my family would sleep through the whole morning then we will wake up sometime around noon. After we eaten our lunch, we will stay at home until around 4, we will go to a club for my brother's swimming lesson which usually start at 4.30 p.m. But my swimming lesson starts at 7 and ends around at 9 at night. After this tiring night of traing, I would go to a room to watch T.V and play with my brother. We will then go home around 11 p.m-1 a.m. On sunday, we would also sleep till sometime around noon and eat our lunch then we will go for tuition till 5 in the evening and then we will all set of to my granmother house till night fall and then to my uncle's house. Lastly, we will go back home around 11 at night.
6. They can persuade them to sleep early or give them lesser errands so that they can sleep early.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Term 3 : Week 4 : Cyberbullying

1. Cyberbullying is a bully online similar to the traditional schoolyard bully.
2. They usually bully others by saying bad or nasty words to people when they themselves are one of the victims.
3. Some of them have too much time on their hands and too many tech toys available to them. Many do it for laughs or to get a reaction. Some do it by accident, and either send a message to the wrong recipient or didn't think before they do something.
4. Well, we can give them more work to do or ask someone to monitor them.
5. No, I did not encounter any cyberbully/bullies. I would leave the chatroom or avoid any related sies linked to the bully.
6. I would say, "think before you do anything dangerous. You might be a victim of the person you bully earlier.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Term 3 Week 3 : The Right Use of 999

1. I think they had nothing to do thus they make prank calls.
2. We should call 999 when there is an accident, a burglary taking place or when someone is injured.
3. I think we should not call 999 when nothing took place or when you have nothing to do.
4. For the police, they can't attend to important things and they cannot attend people who needs help. For us, we might not get through the hotline and we might not be able to get help immediately.
5. For an accident and someone is injured attend to the victim first. For a burglary, call a passer-by to go after the burglar whlie I call the police.
6. No. Because these people should be punished severly. They should increase the price for the fine and increase the jail term.

Term 3 Week 2: Netiquette

1. I will not say bad words as I might offend people and I will treat people in a polite way.
2. I think it is important because,without netiquette there will be more victims because there is no rules in the cyber world.
3. some people the say many bad words of people online or even trick small girls to meet them so they can molest or do something bad to her. I think this act incorragable and inappropriate.
4. I would give: Becareful who you are talking/chatting on the net, you might be the next victim of that person.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

PE Attire

1. I think this is to save time so that pupils will not spend so much time during recess.
2. The advantages is will not be inconvient, save a lot of time and can have a longer recess to eat.
3. There will be no space to put my items and very uncomfortable.
4. It will be dirty as I wear it the whole day many germs can go into our body because the parade square.
5. I think this rule is not very good like it affects our personal hygiene and we will have no space to put our things.
6. Well, I think give us extra time to change that's all.

Book Review 2

My second book is about Sir Stamford Raffles.
From young Raffles did not receive much schooling so he went to East India Company to work as a clerk. Raffles had a total of five children all died except for Ella the second yougest. he youngest who died is 2 months, Flora. Raffles died when he was 44 but just a day before his 45th birthday.

Book Review 1

I read a book called Lim Bo Seng and I read it twice. Usually, books that I love to read I would read more than twice. Now let's continue........
Lim Bo Seng is a learned man, after his father passed away, Lim went back to singapore so that he could help him countinue with his bisnuess. Lim died a horrible death. He passed away leaving his widow and seven fatherless children. Lim died when he was in the cell. The Japs took him into another cell and wrapped him with a blaket living him to die. When Lim was in the cell, no food and medicine was given. So one day Lim pleaded to have food and medicine butn instead of giving him food and medicine, the Japs slapped him and then he passed away. Many of his cell mates cried and after Lim's death food and medicine were given to the prisoners

Holiday Post (Reflection)

Every week, I go to school except for the third week of the holiday. For the first week and second week, I go for creative writing except for wednesday of the first week of school holiday. I went for pottery and it is very fun. As for the creative writing course, I also like the course.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Project Work 2008

This year, we had our topic for project work called 'Anderson Dengue Kit' I think. We could choose our own groups and work with them. Today is the second day of our project work, I felt quite happy but when Mandy, my group leader chose who to use the laptop the next day, Mandy and I quarelled. But finally, Mandy has chosen who to use the laptop the next day. I always love to do projects. When I was Primary 3, our topic is 'Our Early Settlers.' I got into one of my form teacher's favourite presentation and she gave me a paper clip I felt happy even though I did not win the first prize. For Primary 4, our topic is Recycling. Even though we finished the project, I did not got into one of my teacher's favourite but I don't mind at all. This year, I m going to do the presentation slides. I am so happy and wish to keep up the team spirit in my group.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Personal Response 5 : Earthquakes

1. Earthquake is caused by the motion of tectonic plates - individual sections that make up the Earth's surface like panels on a football.Immense strain accumulates along fault lines where adjacent plates meet. When the rock separating the plates give way, sudden seismic ground-shaking movement occurs.
2. People can hide under furnitures and use their hands to cover their heads. Refraining major injuries or they can go to a safe place where it is not affected during the quake as soon as possible.
3. Yes. The scientist did not use any instruments but they can tell when earthquakes happen if plates move towards each other.
4. Well, earthquakes happens in many places including China, America, Afghanistan
and many more.
5. These countries have earthquakes because the motion of tectonic plates.
6. Yes sooner or later. You won't know the world is changing like the price increase for the rise because the weather around the world is changing so the grains can't grow so that is why the price of the rice increases.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lymericks: My Pet

I have a very unusual pet
Who loves to be beaten and pat.
Who loves to play games
And loves to be in fame
What a very unusual pet

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Reflection 5 : My Mother

1. I think that Mother's Day is a day when we thank our mother for their support to us, accompany us, and encourage us.
2. Well, I think of celebrate Mother's Day and give my mother a bracelet specially made to her from me because I don't have much money to treat her or buy her a gift so I use my heart and make a bracelet for her.
3. My relationship with my mother is good and she always encourages my brother and me she even take us to our tution centre because it's recitation class and she accompany us, and tel me the meaning of words.
4. She encourges me to do well in my studies and cooks my favourite fried rice,pasta and japanese udon for lunch every weekend.
5. I strengthen my relationship by chatting with her for about 4-5 minutes and spend more time with her.
6. Yes I think mother's are important in chidren lives because the mother carry the baby in her womb for nine months, the mother feeds the baby with her own milk so the feelings for the mother to the child is very deep.
7. If I can do one thing for my mother is to help her do her chores because both my parents are working so sometimes after working, my mother will do some housework and she will be tired after do it. So I want to lessen her stress and help her.=)

Friday, 2 May 2008

My Brother

Yesterday, my brother fell sick at night. My parents brought my brother to the doctor while I stay at home to sleep because I got to wake up early for school the next day but I was worried sick for my brother and at the same time, scared. Finally, my brother came home safely and I was relieved but my brother which is in the afternoon session, could not make for school today, which I don't know that he took MC after I called my mother after school today in the bus. She insturcted me to feed my brother his medicine at 2 and 4 as a part that I am his sister, I need to take care of him and feed his medicine. My brother told me that if in three days, his fever has not gone down, he had to go to KK Hospital for a blood test as it might be a case of dengue fever but luckily, my brother's fever has gone down and I hope thst he can recover by Sunday because my mother has decided to clebrate my brother's birthday as it is not convienient for my family and me because it is on a weekday and I got my SA1 on that day an I really hope that he can recover as soon as possible. But I am really relived to see my brother active again

This post is also dedicated to my brother.
Your sister and AdersonPrimary School Student,
Tan Li Wen (14)

Personal Response 4: Child Safety Belt in School Buses

1.Well, I do take a mini-bus back home from school because I stay very far from school so I need to wake up early if I am taking bus to school and usually, in the morning, my father does not go to work so early so he can fetch me to school. Both my parents are also working to feed my family if not I wobn't be seating buses.=)
2.Mostly,will talk to their friends and create a loud din in the bus. Some just take out a book to read to kill their time in the bus.
3.Well, I agree with Ms Karen Koh because children who are in the bus are usually playful and talkative. Accident might happen when the bus brake suddenly and maybe those children will fall and they might get minor or major injuries.
4.I do not agree with Mr Leow Beng Kiong's view that installing seat belts because even with 15 minutes, accident will happen and life is priceless you cannot bring a person back to life.=(
5.Well, maybe install a cctv in the bus and so that the school can monitor those children who are playful to prevent accident to happen or maybe hire more bus assitants to take care or monitor the students.=)

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Reflection 4 : Food Sold In Our Canteen

1. Yes, I do eat in the canteen sometimes because on Tuesday to Thursdays I will be going to the library to borrow books and attend a quiz there or may be I might go to the canteen to have my recess everyday and lunch on the days I stay back. =)
2. My favourite stall is stall 4 because the food taste heavenly yummy and is always packed with boys cutting queue while the girls waiting patiently for their food.
3. Well, I think most of the food sold at the canteen mostly are healthy accept those food like food with too much oil is very fattening and don't really contain much calcium.
4. Most of the stalls are clean because the shopkeepers use the hands which they don't touch the food to take the money from us because the money is passed by many people some of them might be sick that makes the food containing germs.
5. Soya Bean, Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Fruit Punch, Cheese Sandwiches, Porridge and Macroni.
6. More green vegetables, more serving of food and more healthier food.
7. We should do paintings of healthy food on the wall encourage pupils and teachers to eat more healthy food.=)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Personal Response 3 : Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

1.Hand, Foot and Mouth Diease is a diease that can spread to everybody of all age but young children below five years are particularly susceptible.
2. When my friend has a fever, sore throat,ulcers in the throat, mouth and tongue,headache,a rash with vesicles (small blisters, 3-7 mm) on hands, feet and diaper area. The vesicles are typically on the palm side of the hands the sole side of the feet and very characteristic in appearance and lost of appetite.
3.No is not true.Both adults and children can be affected, but young children below five years are particularly susceptible.
4.I prevent by washing my hands before eating, after going to the toilet and I prevent from going near a person contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.
5.No I don't know anyone who has contracted this disease.
6.They can avoid crowded places such as the market, schools, shopping centre and public transport. The family members are advised to follow good hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing, to limit the spread of the infection.
7.I would tell them to wash their hands before eating, after going to the toilet and after trowing the rubbish.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Reflection 3: Friendship

1. Friendship means helping one another, playing with each other, studying with each other and chatting with each other.
2. It is important because people gets to tend lonely without friends accompanying them, playing with them, studying together and sharing their moments with them
3. Well, I can try to ask them what is their favorite hobbies, try to find what is my common interest between us and try to start by playing with them.
4. I think we should make friends with other countries to expand our knowledge with their culture and to make peace with the world.
5. I enjoyed the activities during international friendship day as the programmes was quite interesting.
6. I enjoyed the taekwando most because I learnt that even an old man can still practice playing it.
7. We can include all types of traditional costumes and the NE Ambassadors as they introduce them to the students as scheduled class by class.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Personal Response 2: Courtesy

1. Courtesy means respecting other people like the birds from 'How The Spirit Of Neighbourliness Began Among Birds.' The birds from the story courteous unlike other birds, they start to quarrel when they meet each other.
2. 'Kong Rong Rang Li' impresses me most even though I read this story before, I sensed that this story is interesting and I think that Kong Rong did the right thing to give way to elders by giving them the better quality of items or the elders give way to the younger ones like a sister giving her younger silblings the better quality of items.
3. I think the pupils in the class should be courteous because courtesy is very important without it there will be quarrels, fight and may be severing ties with a relationships. The pupils must give way to the others when they exit/enter the classrooms. Sometimes the pupils did not give way to others sometimes they even purposely block others way of going.
4. We can give them the best quality to items while we take the lousier quality of items.

Monday, 31 March 2008

Reflection 2: My dream

My dream is to become a national swimmer like Tao Li because I like to swim and has a great intrest in swimming. This dream allows me to gain glory for me and let my parents be proud of me because I started swimming when I was 6. I plan to go for training more about 3 to 4 times a week to get into the Olmpics or any other important competitions. I think people should have dreams so that there is a goal in our life.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Personal Response 1: Racial Harmony

3. a) I think racial harmony is a time when people from different religion communicate, make friends with each other and study/work together.
b) Misunderstanding can cause quarrels, fights and or maybe the chinese, indians, malays and eurasians might have their own town in Singapore like back in the 1980s.
c) If there are no races, other people could not know each other's traditional food, clothes and rituals.
d) We can encourage them by playing together, helping them and studying together.
e) We should organise games, talk about each different race and their culture

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Reflections 1: Looking Foward

Phew! The exams are finally over! I did very bad for Maths and Science while good for English and Chinese. I felt that I can do better and by doing that, I got to cut down the time playing and watching television. In class I should also pay more attention and talk less in class. My parents are not satisfied with my current marks. I also need to be doing more assement for the coming Semestral Assement 1 and PSLE the following year. I want to be like my cousin, she scored a very good mark for her 'O' level and her parents rewarded her with a sony VAIO and a new phone.=)

Monday, 10 March 2008

On your mark! get set! Go!!!!!

Wow! Look at the swimmers! They are all getting ready for their competition.:)

Swimming carnival

On the 7-3-08, our school organised a swimming carnival. I got third in the competition and my timing was 46 seconds. It is better than my usual training timing.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Social Studies Learning Journey

On the 20/2/08, class 5.4 went to the Old Ford Factory for a learning journey. This two places talk about how people lived during World War 2 (WWII), how the Malay Regiment and the British fought to protect Singapore and Malaya. But the British lost to the Japanese. Thousands died, one of our war hero Lt. Adnan bin Saidi died during the war just to protect his fellow country men, family, Singapore and Malaya. Lt. Adnadn married to a school teacher and had three children, 1942,Lt. Adnad and his family lived in Psir Panjang. When the Japanese came, he sent his family back to his hometown in due to his wife as she is carrying their third child while he stayed in Singapore to fight. But sadly, the Japanese capture him and bayoneted him and killed him. His wife soon gave birth to a baby girl but sadly the baby died. A few days later, Lt.Adnan's wife was told that her husband was killed. Soon later, she too passed on. Since then I learnt that we must ourselves defend Singapore, not others to help us as Lt. Adnan sacrifice his life to help defending Singapore and Malaya.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Today, we got check-up from nurses from the Health Promotion Board(HPB) I thought we will have our injection and I was scared but when I was told that the injection was next week, I felt relief and happy but I got to face the injection next week :(

Thursday, 24 January 2008

How I feel creating my first blog

Welcome to my first blog
Wow! creating a blog is so easy