Thursday, 26 June 2008

PE Attire

1. I think this is to save time so that pupils will not spend so much time during recess.
2. The advantages is will not be inconvient, save a lot of time and can have a longer recess to eat.
3. There will be no space to put my items and very uncomfortable.
4. It will be dirty as I wear it the whole day many germs can go into our body because the parade square.
5. I think this rule is not very good like it affects our personal hygiene and we will have no space to put our things.
6. Well, I think give us extra time to change that's all.

Book Review 2

My second book is about Sir Stamford Raffles.
From young Raffles did not receive much schooling so he went to East India Company to work as a clerk. Raffles had a total of five children all died except for Ella the second yougest. he youngest who died is 2 months, Flora. Raffles died when he was 44 but just a day before his 45th birthday.

Book Review 1

I read a book called Lim Bo Seng and I read it twice. Usually, books that I love to read I would read more than twice. Now let's continue........
Lim Bo Seng is a learned man, after his father passed away, Lim went back to singapore so that he could help him countinue with his bisnuess. Lim died a horrible death. He passed away leaving his widow and seven fatherless children. Lim died when he was in the cell. The Japs took him into another cell and wrapped him with a blaket living him to die. When Lim was in the cell, no food and medicine was given. So one day Lim pleaded to have food and medicine butn instead of giving him food and medicine, the Japs slapped him and then he passed away. Many of his cell mates cried and after Lim's death food and medicine were given to the prisoners

Holiday Post (Reflection)

Every week, I go to school except for the third week of the holiday. For the first week and second week, I go for creative writing except for wednesday of the first week of school holiday. I went for pottery and it is very fun. As for the creative writing course, I also like the course.