Monday, 28 March 2011

okayy.. backk with the pics~ :D

ain't she cute~ awwww.. :)

seriously, i really really prefer guiwang than guilun.. guilun can cause many conflicts.. he is too handsome for her~ wang zi is cute~ guiwang are equally cute! :D

awwww... hughug! i remember this scene.. they went dating for the first time.. :D but then it was when guigui got "cancer" 0.o..

sweet la they!

awwww.. look at that! 007, 187 and 747 carrying 天魔星! :D

~Monday 28 March~
Hello.. you guys must be wondering why am i here right? well, the answer is simple, very simple, today is e-learning day! :D finished all the subject for the day except for netball.. -.-" okayy.. i just finished watching 《霹靂MIT》it is sho freaking awesome! i LOVE guigui!!!!! she is damn freaking cute!!!! well, let me find some piccs.. shall post it later.. back to the topic.. in the show, fanfan and guigui are sisters! yeahh! they are 同父異母 sisters.. :D whats more, the mother of guigui is fanfan's schoolmate? Wow! and guigui has a twin brother.. and then her brother is weak since birth.. so to let him live, her mother abandoned her to her best friend.. anyways, guigui's acting skills is superb in the show.. acting very naturally.. even the crying scenes are natural.. okayy.. off to find pics~ byebye~ :D

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

~Tuesday 15th March~
Hellos.. cca was like damn slack today.. 6 people came.. =.= after that, i saw miss gina and some of the other netball players.. i didn't know that there is netball today! :o okayy.. welcome my new blogskin then.. although it is about the same as the previous one, but, with xiao xun inside.. :D just finished watching 18 jin bu jin.. very nice!! ah ben very cute!!! :D xiao xun very pretty!! :x i am starting to miss the casts in the show.. they are all soooo cute.. :) ^^ nothing to sayy.. okayy, byebye~ :D

Friday, 11 March 2011

~Friday 11 March~
Hellos.. Holidays are here! Wheee~~~ but... got guzheng la! hai wo cannot go for maths tutorial.. :( i wanna go! :'( went jogging today with someone.. :P okayy.. i just remembered that i have that ****ing project to do.. and i dun wanna do it.. how? haiz!!!!!!! FML.. :x can dun do ma? sian sia.. hmm.. something funny happened in class yesterday during lab..
*in the lab*
Me: *walking to my table*
Bitxh 1 to bitxh 2: *talking about me dunno what fat*
Me: *hahahahaha laughing like a crazy woman to myself*
Bitxh 1 to bitxh 2: *saying out loudly* See her ahh.. so fatt..
Me: *laugh harder to myself and think* you must be jealous of me having better grades than you right? or you are skinnier because you dun have as much nutrients than me.. :D
(thats the way you should treat your own life) ^^

okayy.. this is what happened in facebook:
*in fb, FCSS sec 2E1 2011*
A: talking about something about staying back because B and C played broom and dustpan in class..
comments: *commotion about who leaked out the info..*
B: okay, it is settled.. it is Li Wen..
comments:*i did not see*
Me: started crying..
Parents: *came over and show concern*
Father: *called mr soh in late night*
Mr soh: promised my father it would be solved?
Me: *stopped crying after 20 mins ++*

okayy.. although i did stopped crying, but, i still cried the next day.. :P
okie.. ending here today~ byebye~ :D

Saturday, 5 March 2011

~March 4 Friday~
Helloo... :D i am back!! ^^ went for syf rehearsel today.. :D i am like so happy when they have wifi there~ :D hehe..^^and then ling zhi was like very very relax in the bus.. her sitting position did not even look like a girl.. -.- tomorrow, i got to cip, but i cannot go! :'( thanks to that guzheng!!!!! :( but i gonna eat lunch with jing yi and su teng tomorrow.. :D AHHH!! i suddenly feel like so clever watching ylbfb.. hahas.. ah ben damn cute lehhh.... ^^ da ye also.. :D like super long did not go ylbfb liao lo... ^^ okayy luhh.. stop writing here already.. byebye~ ^^
P.S: super short post today.. =.="
P.P.S: shall use this font colour from now on.. ^^

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

~March 1 Tuesday~
Heyhey.. :D sian.. guzheng tomorrow.. :( rehersals on friday, practice on saturday=cannot go for cip!! :'( i want to go luhh!! then after that got netball.. busy saturday.. i just found out, 大元 is super pretty.. :)) watching 青春全员集合 now.. i love that 短片.. 黑人老大 is super funny.. :D i just love his childish acts.. be it in HSH, WAHSHBBT or this new show.. he never fails to make people laugh like crazy.. :D ahh yess.. xiao zhu is coming back to singapore for his encore concert!!!! awww.... i wanna go!! :(((( okayy.. its late alreadyy.. time to go back to my bed and slackk.. shall stuff this blog full of info of what had happened today some other time.. bye.. :D ._.