Thursday, 30 July 2009

~Joural Writing T3Wk5: Cyberwelleness- Inappropriate Content~
So far, my answer is no.... And still no.. I would try to tell my friends that there is no free lunch in the world.. You need to pay the price if you follow what the website say or tell you to do..

Friday, 24 July 2009

~Journal Writing: T3 Wk4~
It depends how long I use the computer.. Sometimes half-an-hour or one hour or maybe more than two hours.. Well, I am quite addicted to the computer although I don't really use the computer everyday... It makes me spend less time doing social activities... Well, not really because I don't usually use the computer everyday.. I use them to do important things or when I get to use the computers, I would go to a website to watch videos... Well, I can do more social activities like hanging out with friends and family.. I would advise him/her that using the computer will do a little bit of good to them as they can learn through e-learning.. Even so, they should spend most of their time reading books and doing some assessments..

Thursday, 16 July 2009

~T3 Wk3: Effects of Preventive Measures on Pupils~
Well, I think it is good in the sense that when we have a person in school that has got the virus, the school can track down the person's class and find the person who has came contact into... None of these activities have affected me..Well, nothing affected... No... I still have the same amount of time I have since last term..:) No....

Thursday, 7 May 2009

~T2Wk7 Journal Writing: Classroom Cleanliness~
Sometimes yes and Sometimes not..... because I see litters on the floor but sometimes it is quite clean.... So we can breathe in cleaner air and the classroom will not look so messy... Well, I throw what I don't need into the dustbin.... Well, throwing away my own rubbish :) We must keep our classroom clean no matter what happens, everybody has a part to play... Well I guess is self-discipline

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

~T2Wk6 Journal Writing: Kindness~
It means doing kind stuff like helping the old people, helping in the Rc like Mr Ong, my uncle, my aunt, my brother and I etc. It IS important. If everybody in the whole world is unkind, old people who needs help, nobody will help them... Maybe helping the old people in the old folks home or give books to the salvation army or in the orphanage..... Just as I said. sometimes I help out in the RC with my aunt and uncle.... I felt very satisfied after doing those stuff as the residents get their food and drinks.... In school I help out in the Game Stall since last year..... Well I can create an event that tell people who do this stuff, they will collect some points, if they accumulate a certain point, they will get a gift...

Sunday, 19 April 2009

~T2Wk5 Jounal Writing: Earth Day~
Yes, Earth DA y is important because this day, it makes us realise that without Earth, there will not be any life....:) The phrase "save the Earth" means we must not dirty mother earth because Earth is the only planet that can support life..... So as not to litter the Earth, polluting the air that we breathe in and reusing what we used before..... Try not to litter, use more transport so not to pollute the air and use less electricity..... Try not to use my father's car......

Thursday, 16 April 2009

~T2Wk4 Journal Writing: International Friendship Day~
We celebrate by gathering all people from the wotld to make friends....... No... I don't know how the international friendship day come about........ It stands for "Association of South East Asian Nations." No.... Not really...... Well, I know that there are quite a number of countries in Asean and one pf them is Singapore*...... No, not really because they are boring and too little things in the assembly..... Well, there si one, Angelo..... He is our classmate so...... We get to know one another in class... Maybe a skit or something.......
* I am good at Singapore history but not the ASEAN history......

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

~T2Wk3 Journal Writing: Improving the School~
I like the computer lab most as it is the place where I can listen to songs while doing my blog, relaxing under the cool air-con......:) The field...... it is so muddy and the ground is not flat so I would most likely trip on the ground......... Add more soil to make it almost flat, chances of tripping over will not be so high..... The facilities in the school such as the school's air-con hall, it is taking ages..... Installing escalators or lift to replace the tiring steps and install air-con in all the classrooms....:) Donate money of course......

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

~T2Wk2: Healthy Eating~
In order to be healthy, we need to eat two servings of fruits and vegatables..... Poatato chips, ice cream and many more junk food..... So that we can live longer, live life as the fullest... thats all I can think of... Heart dieases, kidney problems and many more....... Gain more energy, will not be so sleepy in class and you can live longer because your body take in nutrients from the food...:) Sometimes, I only like to eat certain types of vegetables but for fruits, I eat bannana, mango, apple(red), pears and durains...:) Of course... because eating fruits and vegetabkes help us gain energy and be healthy.... Add pretty decorations to fascinate children like us.....

Monday, 23 March 2009

~T2Wk1 Journal Writing: Earth Hour~
Well. it is an event to encourage people to turn unnecessary lights and stop global warming....... It is held on the 28th of March at 8.30 to 9.30p.m it is on a Saturday:) Many people use a lot of light/ electricity so they organise this event to tell people not to use too much electricity.. They will off their lights to support this event.... I can organise to tell stories, play hide and seek in the dark rooms of my house..... Petrol going out soon..... Say bye bye to them.... One word, inconvenience......

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

~T1W1o Journal Writing: Sports and School Sports Day~
Yes, I did attend... As usual, boring.... The others are running, while we are sacrificing ourselves to become roasted duck.......:) The most interesting part is when we played the games. It is one of the okay okay sports day in my primary school days... The most uninteresting part is when we were sitting down there sacrificing ourselves.....:) Move to another location which have an indoor stadium...... Yes and no. For yes, we can evcersise and keep fit.... For no, we will feel extra with all the muscle aches and tired after the sports..... Yes.... Swimming like last year but I swim once a week now because of school work.... As usual, to help us keep fit..... Games like running after the person, if you caught the person the person must do certain kind of punishment, if u fail to catch the person, you must do certain kind to punishment........
~T1W9 Journal Writing Fire Safety~
Well, I did not seen anything like this before but I know that if this thing happens, your house will be gone.:) First thing, grab all my valuables and run out of the building..... When at home, maybe an electrical wire was not working and you did not change it, it may cost a fire or when someone did not off something, it can also create fire..... When at outside, maybe it is too hot that caused forest fire or maybe a leaking kerosene with a little bit of fire could cause a bigger fire.... For home, I can check the electrical wires, they must be switched off..... For outside, maybe be alert around my surrounding, if I see something that can create fire, I must stop it immediately..... Yes I think so.... They make noise when they see something happening enen though I admit that they are a bit rude and naughty but they can still contribute. I will put some games that are fun and able to learn the importance of fire safety.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

~The person who invented dynamite~
Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born October 21, 1833 in Stockholm Sweden. Nobel, who invented dynamite, endowed a $9 million fund in his will. The interest on this endowment was to be used as awards for people whose work most benefited humanity. He wanted the profit from his invention to be used to reward human ingenuity. First awarded in 1901, the Nobel Prize is still the most honored in the world.In 1842 Nobel's family moved to St. Petersburg, Russia where he obtained his education. He traveled widely as a young man, becoming fluent in five languages. Nobel was interested in literature and wrote novels, poetry and plays in his spare time. In the 1860s he began experiments with nitroglycerin in his father's factory. He tried many ways to stabilize this highly volatile material. Nobel discovered that a mix of nitroglycerin and a fine porous powder called kieselguhr was most effective. He named this mixture dynamite, and received a patent in 1867.He set up factories around the world to manufacture dynamite and other explosives. Construction and mining companies, and the military ordered large quantities of this relatively safe explosive. Sales of dynamite brought Nobel great wealth. His other chemical research provided valuable information on the development of artificial rubber, leather, silk and precious stones.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

T1 W8 Journal Writing: Reading

~T1 W8 Journal Writing: Reading~
Reading helps us to improve our English and to keep us busy during the mornings before the flag raising ceremony. Of course. I have a wide variety of books at home adventures, encyclopedia, comics and books that help me improve my English. Of course I love reading. It keeps me occupied, it could improve my English and I can learn more facts than in school. Like I said I read adventures, facts, comics and books that help me improve my English. Publish comic books with intresting facts so that pupils can learn more facts and have fun reading the fun. I love to read many story books. Hmm.... which book should I list down... I got a book which I have read millions of times. It is 'Striving for Excellence.' It has most of the famous people how they suceed. Take Albert Einsten for example he was thought to dim-witted child. But in the end, he had made a fomula E=mc2. Wilhelm Conrad Rontgent who was once kicked out of school but he was the one who discovered something that is very useful in hospitals that is x-ray. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov would go hungry for his dogs needed for his experiment. That is a proud thing to say. Opps.... I forgot about the author. The author of this book is Huang Qingrong. Thins book can be found in the library.....

Thursday, 19 February 2009


I think not only the Americans are clever....... theArabians are also clever.... they created Algebra and numbers. I can say, that is fantastic! It is just that the Arabians create, the americans make further amends in Algebra or numbers.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Activities Outside School

~Activities Outside School~
I am involved in tuition and swimming outside school. I spent two days for tuition and a day for swimming. Usually one to one and a half hours. The longest maybe two hours. To improve in my studies and keep me fit. Yes, 1. It can help me imrove, 2. To keep me fit and healthy. I don't think so. These activities either help me improve or just relax after stress from doing my homework. No. I am only stress in my school work because this is the last and most important year for the primary 6. Yes of course they should. So that we would be able to release srtress so we can relax and do some more homework/assesments books after these excersise.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The place I wish to go

~The place i wish to go~
The place I want to go is China, Beijing. I heard from my father that in Beijing, we would be able to see snow. The last time I went to China, Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuxi. I spent my days there quite fun. It is a tour of eight days I spent Nanjing and Shanghai there most. Shanghai we have free and easy. I sat a boat to see the pearl tower. It was very baeutiful. We took our tour pictures there. The reason why I want to go Beijing is because of the snow, I never go there before and lastly, I want to see the 'bird nest' stadium where the Beijing Olympics were.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

T1W6 : Journal Writing Passion for Learning

~Passion for Learning~
I understand the meaning by it is to find out more about the subject/topic that I am intrested in. Yes, I think so because if those famous people like Helen Keller, Marie Curie and Albert Einstien do not have the passion for learning, Helen Keller won't be able to speak in her lifetime.... If Marie Curie did not have the passion for learning, she would not have worked so hard to save money to get into one of the universities in Paris and found her husband, Pierrie Curie. If Albert Einsten does not have the passion for learning, he won't be famous now. Of course I know Albert Einsten. In order for him to continue learning, he used his son's wet diapers and tied it on the celing the pee drips to his head so that he won't fall asleep. When he took his son for a walk, whenever he thought of something, he would stop immediately and jot down the notes. If he had not have the passion for learning, he won't stay in his room for three days to write notes. No, I don't think I have. I did not find more about intresting topics/ subjects. I can make use of technology to find out more about topics/subject.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

T1W5 Journal Writing : Target Setting

~Target Setting~

We set targets so that we know where we are aiming to. Yes. I think it is useful because when we do things, we must do with an aim if not we won't be accomplishing anything. I can set by my marks, if I score 60 for a subject, I can aim for a higher score that is achievable such as 65 to 70. I can read more books, do more practices and find out more on the meaning of the words for English and Chinese in a dictionary. If I don't understand a question, I can ask my parents. In this way, my parents can help me. I will try to think of my targets to motivate it. Give us more remedial/sumplementry classes.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

T1W4 Journal Writing : Festivals

The festival I celebrate is Chinese New Year. It falls between mid January or early Febuary depending on the Chinese calender which is different from the calender we use everyday. We have fifteen days to celebrate this festival. On the eve of Chinese New Year, my family would go to my uncle's house in the afternoon to pray to our ancestors then we eat lunch. We would stay there for the whole day till 1 plus at night becauce we need to pray to the sky before 12 midnight. On the first day, after we bathe, my brother and I would greet our parents with two oranges, then we would set off to my uncle's house to greet them. At a certain time, we would set off to my first great-grandmother's house. There altough it is a one room flat, but there are walkways where we can take pictures. So i think it is a great place for phototaking. Then, we will go to my second great-grandmother's house, there will be a crowd there with food but too many people is going to cost more heat in the house. So, we youngsters will go down to the playground to play, take pictures and chat. Then we will go to my father's aunty's house who lives in a condominium with her son, daughter-in-law and her two grandchildren. We will then do to my father another aunty's house who own two units. One of them belonged to her son. There is a great place to play cards and chat. We will then go back home till night and go to my closer relative's house which was decided by one of my aunty. Yes, the muslims celebrate Hari Raya Adiltrifi because the celebrate to mark the end of their fasting month. Yes, because if one of the neighbours festival is here the neighbour can invite us to their house to celebrate with them. We can organise more campaign to encourage us to build a stronger bond between the neighbour and us.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tooth Fairy

Centuries ago, in Europe it was a common practice when a child's baby tooth fell out (primary tooth), to bury it in the ground. The tooth was, in all likelihood, buried in the garden or in the field's surrounding the child's home. It was done so that a new tooth (permanent tooth) would grow in its place. The other reason for this ritual was the superstition, that if a witch got a hold of the tooth, a curse could be placed on the child, (as with fingernail clippings and/or hair). So by burying their children's teeth, this unfortunate curse was prevented from happening. Hopefully.
Anyway, as people migrated to this country, many of the same beliefs and superstitions followed them. However, since most of the people now found themselves living n towns and cities, bare land wasn't as plentiful. So they began placing the teeth in small flowerpots, or planter boxes. Eventually this rite too changed, and the fallen out tooth was placed under a child's pillow, where the parents switched the tooth (always in the middle of the night) for a treat or a coin.
Of course the curious children wanted to know what happened to their small teeth. And since children love to hear stories, their parents explained to them who was actually removing their teeth and leaving the treat in its place. The Tooth Fairy was born. All children grew to love this rite of passage, and the coming of the Tooth Fairy.
But what never changed, was the practice of placing the child's tooth (after it was quietly removed from under their pillow), into a small box or pouch. Where it usually lay hidden in the back of a drawer, from any unseen eyes. Why? Well, I like to think that even as adults we are still a little afraid of witches.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Total Defence Day blogging competetion


Dragonfruit tree with no fruits. :)

The papayas are not ripe yet.

A papaya tree from my great-grandmother's house. :)
A tree from my great-grandmother's house.

I would defend the Singapore's trees and greenery aspects because Singapore was famous all over the world for being clean and green and it is often known as 'Garden City.' Greening Singapore was a project started by our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew who realised the importance of plants to the environment. So I think we should uphold the name 'Garden City' so that Singapore can even be a unique country. I would defend them by keeping Singapore green by trying not to litter.

T1 W2 Journal Writing : School's Vision, Mission and Values

The schools's vision is : 'A school of distinction Nurturing Future-Ready Citizens of Character.' The school's mission is : 'Providing quality education to equip pupils with the values, knowledge and skills for the 21st century.' The school's values are : P - Passion for learning, I - Integrity our foundation and E - Excellence in everything we do. I think the schol's vision, mission and values is to encourage the pupils in anderson. Yes, because in our school, we had so many things like computers that are setting up right now, internet cafe and games around in the school so that we can stress out during reccess or lunch. Yes. If we are playing badminton or tennis or golf or table-tennis or swimming we must try our best to beat our opponent these action allow us to strive for excellence in everything we do. Students can live up to it by pracising it in their everyday lives. Teachers can organise games to fascinate the pupils as many pupils play games.