Sunday, 30 August 2015

while i was on my way home today after a family gathering, i just let my thoughts wander.... and being a female, is somewhat more tiring than a male should one start a family and have kids. given the modern times now, where in a family, both parents would be working like mine. and then i ponder, it is usually the mother of the child who would be up awake, taking care of the needs of the child, like for example, the night feeding or the usual things like changing of nappies and coaxing the child to sleep. it usually isn't the father of the child doing all of these stuffs. he would either be gaming or busy with work related stuffs, such actions would lead to distrust in allowing him to take care of the kid alone. like for example, my niece who was pretty much cranky towards her bedtime, so my auntie sent her back to her home with the help of my dad, because my cousin is busy at work today and my cousin-in-law is on the way back home. they figured that they would meet at the young parents home. my dad and auntie didn't return back to my other cousin's house which is our family gathering area for the day until an hour at least later. all because my auntie had to allow her grand-daughter to fall asleep before heading back to us. but after she came back, my cousin-in-law told us that she woke up just probably after my auntie and dad left the house. and then, I THINK my cousin had to leave her office earlier to rush home so that she could help her husband to put their baby to bed. with all the news you see about babies and kids being neglected when they are at the care of the fathers and plus knowing the behavior of the person causes distrust in the person's ability. it might somewhat be true, but really, i should really think and feel that both parents should have the ability to take care (and i mean by changing nappies, feeding, putting the child to bed etc) the baby/child and not just depend on the female species of the family (mother, grandmother etc). it would be really tiring for them. imagine going home after a long day at work, and you still have another long night to go because you need to coax your child and feed him/her at night. and at these times, the father is most likely asleep and finding the child a nuisance.
 all of these are all my assumptions and my thoughts during the car ride, because times might have changed and all that, fathers have more responsibility in taking care of the child, plus they are gonna have an extra week of paternity leave in addition to the one-week one that was already given. and plus, some families might have extra help and all, and i have no right to talk about all of these. anyways, i don't even get my reason for this post, but most probably it is to just express how i feel at this point of time and since i think it is abit inappropriate to post this on dayre.
ugh okay that's all for the rant. imma post my recent favourite fanfics from my new favourite author up. it's kryber, but it's really sweet at the end, which is why i love this story to bits. Echoes by nataliedecoco

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hi. I know it has been ages since this place is updated, but I will be doing a post today... here we go.... 
Hello the future me! You just turned 18 4 days ago as you are writting this letter. As you are 18, you have never shed tears for guys and bgr, but tons for the name of kinship and a little for the name of friendship. But currently, most of your tears goes to the regret you feel, the stress you feel, to the unknown possibilities, and to the blur future that you are seeing now. 
You are 18, however you have regretted the mistakes that you did on the year you turned 17. You made the mistake for not fighting for what you wanted. You made the mistake for continuing what you have always been struggling to make it a success. You were already drowning at that point of time, but you still struggled on in the waters, as you didn't give up to the lifeboat next to you. And today, as you read this, you might still be regretting all of these or maybe, regretting for not working hard enough in your last year to make a change to your life. Or maybe, you are thankful for your choice that you once regretted and feel that it is a blessing in disguise for not pursuing what was your interest at that point of time. The 18-year-old you is still at a state of confusion. She is at the brink of giving up everything and feel that everything is a waste of her time. 
However, things like a new update to the current favourite story in asianfanfics, a new update to your favourite korean drama in english subs, a new comeback for your favourite korean girlgroup, or maybe seeing your baby niece, and having fun with your friends and family cheers you up and are the daily vitamins that you need. Things might change when you are older. You no longer is a fangirl, you no longer are addicted to the thing called fan fiction. You no longer chase after kdramas so tiringly. But remember, you were once the girl that is so simple. 
The 18-year-old you puts a lot of trust in friendship and treats friends like no other and cherishes every family moments, laughing with her mom at every other nonsensical things and doing stupid things for her just to see her laugh/smile. Please remember all of these and continue what you have been doing in the past because this is what you enjoy and you live for. 
As the 18-year-old you is typing this letter, it is currently 10 minutes to 3 am and you have a paper in the morning at 8 am. This shows how much she has given up. She has changed over the span of 2 years, but not her definition of success no matter what people say.  
So please, in future, if you see somebody struggling as much as you did in the past, please do not hesitate to lend a helping hand, and support your kid to do whatever he/she wants regardless the voices from others that he/she hears. All because you know how hard it was not doing things that you dislike and how hard it was regretting over the decisions that you have made. 
The 18-year-old you. 

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