Wednesday, 29 December 2010

~Wednesday 29 December~
Aww.. School is starting soon.. :( anyways, watching love buffet and m riders now.. :D Love buffet got xiu~~ he soo shuai and cute~ :DDDDD m riders got ah ben~ ^^ another cute guy~ :D m riders is similiar to k.o.3anguo.. they even have ru ci ru ci zhe ban zhe ban.. but i guess the producer is the same ba~ the song is DCW sing de~ :DDD all so shuai sia~ :P anyways, type alot of things in plurk yesterday.. and happy belated birthday to my dearest Gao Lao and Li Xuan~ Gao Lao, you are the best chinese teacher i have ever met~ no teacher in my school can beat you lehh.. Li Xuan, hmm.. dunno what to say lehh.. =.=" anyway, i treated you like my BFF.. ^^ :)) oh yes.. i think sunshine angel will have han lehh!! :D she damn pretty sia~ wu xiong de sister~ also got act in m riders.. hehe..^^ oh yes, we celebrated christmas at ah bing jie jie house.. her doggie put on alot of weight already.. =.=" ah bing jie jie also very lucky got cookies.. :P stop here ba~ gtg change le~ bye~ ^^

Sunday, 19 December 2010

~Sunday 19 December~
Hellos.. Here to blog again.. :)) well, lets talk about Thursday and slowly down to today.. :) went to the Bookfest without warning.. I can't download my shows and watched in time.. :( but, we went to the wrong place.. We went to expo instead of suntec.. So, we went to collect Derek's CPU first, then to the converse warehouse sale and lastly, the Bookfest.. Bought 2 t-shirts, one new pencil case, new school shoes and a new bag~ :D then, at the Bookfest, it is damn cold there and not many people.. Books are also not aplenty.. I expected somemore luh.. Bought two assesment books and a new stack of drawing board.. Then ate at suntec there~ went to carrefour looked at toys, went to Toys "R" Us then to Hang Ten and finally home~ Then on Friday,woke up early and finished watching K.O.3anguo.. The ending is soo nice~ Ah Xiang actually look beautiful with the black dress when she was the "bad guy"... It kinda suit her well.. :P Then went out met Deon first then Hui Fu.. Went to J8, watched rapunzel, went to see some gifts for Stella and Ah Rui jie jie.. But, bought nothing in the end.. But i found people selling Stella's bear that her friend gave.. :)) then went to vivo to look for daddy and didi.. They watched Narnia.. I went to candy empire and Tangs while waiting for them~ bought chocolates at candy empire and two pairs of donald and daisy and a freezer mug as presents to those names on top.. :)) went to eat dinner there~ went to Pet Safari.. Those doggies are wayy too cute~ :D played arcade.. I just love to play the basketball one.. :)) walk walk a bit and called a cab home.. ^^ went to grand uncle house on Saturday.. His daughter is getting married already.. It is freaking me out.. gotta find formal clothes! can't embarrass them~ :P then training.. almost killed me.. :P then today, went to the recititation thing.. boring~ sit down there for like dunno how long~ came home after that~ next week, gonna celebrate christmas and ah rui jie jie's birthday.. a super long sms came from ah bing jie jie.. yeahhs.. got gift exchange at her house=me able to see toto.. :)) i miss her~ :P okie.. done blogging.. byebye~ *school tomorrow.. aww.. watching one million star~ waiting for Pets again.. ^^ she rocks! :P jiayou! bye~*

Sunday, 12 December 2010

~Sunday 12 December~
Hihi..^^.. Went to see the Netball Nations Cup Finals today.. :D.. Watched shows in my PSP and texted to Jesslynn throughout the day.. Quite shocked when i saw my name in her blog.. Hahas.. ^^ Watching Death Girl ep 19 now.. Shall watch the last ep later~ I have been watching K.O.3anguo these few days.. I like Xiu and Ah Xiang.. They rocks.. :D.. Love the pair.. Xiu is soo cute.. Hehe.. Ah Xiang also.. I find her pretty though.. Although she has short hair.. I am at ep 34 now.. I was so excited when Ah Xiang knew Xiu know how to use 呜啦巴哈.. I like that expression of hers.. That shocked expression.. Awww.. Holidays are ending.. I am dreading school to start.. I dun wanna go back to that school with that group of b****** and b******.. I really hate them! :'(.. Feeling so alone in school.. If only....... If only, i have them by my side, it would be much better.. But, by doing this, i am self fish.. Haiz.. Oops.. I forgot to introduce.. Welcome to my new blogskin! HSHMM!! :D nice right? But, Andy哥's 眼神 is kinda scary.. Hehe.. Okie, Shall stop writing here~ Byebye~~

Sunday, 5 December 2010

~Sunday December 5~
Hellos.. :D.. So fast.. Can't believe it is december already~~ Kinda dreading school once school reopens... Haiz.. Anyway, i have been watching Brown Sugar Macchiato and Brown Sugar Chilvaries ovver this 1 month ++.. And rewatching these two shows, DBY and HMS.. These few shows rocks~~ :D.. After watching BSC and BSM, i kinda fell in love with Hey Girls and Ah Ben.. I like xiao long nu and wei xiao bao in BSC.. Cos, they are so cute~~.. Xiao Man smiles are so can lan.. And her eyes can shine.. :D.. Over this 1 month++, Tracy and kor kept quarelling and there is a third party.. They broke up already and Tracy is moving out when she found somewhere to stay.. Stella is also moving out.. She says it is not good to keep staying at kor house.. So, she is looking for someplace to stay with her friend too.. I am really gonna miss them.. D: .. Now i am watching Death Girl and K.O.3anguo.. This two shows are quite okay.. K.O.3anguo is so funny.. :D.. Jesslynn recommended.. Thanks arhh.. :D.. Met her in chatango.. She is a really nice girl.. :D.. Shall link her later~~ Now, i am still waiting for Rainie's new show~ I heard that it would be out in February ro April.. Last night Guessx3 got xiao man and I am so happy.. :D.. Luckily, her model company came out with a book and xiao man is out there publicising it.. So far, she went into BFB too~~ But, her yu le wang ep made me so hyper~ :D.. She kinda got the lowest points.. Aww.. :D.. I have finally found out how to convert videos for my PSP.. Now is for the games and mummy new MP4 which is a door gift for her company dinner on Friday.. Whoa.. It is a very long post~~ Cos too long did not update le~~ :D.. Started watching WAHSBBT.. Hei ren lao da is not as funny in this show.. WAHSH is much better.. His childish actions make me laugh like crazy.. Okie.. Stop typing here~ Bye~ :D

Sunday, 24 October 2010

~Saturday 23 October~
Hihi.. Last night was the Golden Bell Awards... I cannot belive it.. Show lost to a 15-year-old small boy!! I was sooo angry.. It should be his! Arghhh!! Haiz.. So sian.. Dun wish to go to school on Monday.. The bowling session was damn boring.. I dun want any teamwork stuff to happen when I go to the library or the Science Centre.. Life was not like in the past... Where I can team up with those buddies of mine... Awww... I still wanna go to genting!!! So sad.... Haiz.. My schedule for the holidays are like soooo full... I couldn't make time to go back to APS.. :(.. Stupid schedule.. Sooo full.... Haiz.. Lets hope the best for Monday and Tuesday ba... Signing off here... Byebye..

Thursday, 21 October 2010

~Thursday 21 October 2010~
Hihi... Got back my grades.. Okok luh.. At least got As.. :D.. So boring lo.. Post exams activities sucks TTM!! But what is funny in the bus is that I listening to Y.E.S 93.30.. Then Chong Qing was like saying some funny stuff and I kept laughing in the bus.. Teacher saw le, ask me, why are you laughing.. Then I say, I listening to radio.. Hahas.. So awkward.. Going to watch The Child's Eye counting down, 7 days!! Dental appoinment counting down, 8 days.. Xiao zhu is sooooo cute... Rainie Yang is soooooooooooooo pretty.. :D.. Oh ya.. Singapore Hit Awards counting down to 8 days!! Golden Bell Awards counting down to 2 days!! I want xiao zhu and rainie take prize for both award ceremony.. :D.. But Hebe coming!! I wanna go on the 29 of October!!!!! Waa... Mummy say I can go.. But, nobody going with me.. :'(.. Ok la.. Write until here.. Tomorrow no sch.. Yay!! :D.. Byebye..

Saturday, 16 October 2010

~Saturday 16 October (Rainie Yang's concert!!!)~
Yea... Today is her concert.. :'(... I wanna go!! Waa... Then The Child's Eye also.. Fann can't go... Then last night I told my mother I want to watch this show.. She say, "you crazy ar? this show very scary leh.." Yup... Cos is Rainie so I wanna watch it.. :P.. Then when I watch BFB Live de, Elva went to find Rainie during the press conference for the show or what thing... Then Elva say, she will support her but not going to watch the show.. Hahas.. Then Rainie say, she will lose alot of friends thanks to the show.. Hahas.. But I wanna watch.. Annabella watch liao.. The holidays will be busy!! Volunteer work, 4 v 4 street netball and many more.. Haiz.. Watching Hi My Sweetheart again.. :D... Really nice.. :D.. That day also.. Watch finish DBY the second time le.. :D... Too nice to watch le.. :P... Hehe.. Not going training today.. :P.. Ok la.. Go watch show le.. Byebye..

Saturday, 2 October 2010

~Saturday 2 October~
Hihi.. Here to blog again.. October already.. So fast... Yesterday, is children's day.. It also marks the start of my exams... Haiz.. Just 14 days!!! To rainie yang concert.. How i wish to go... Just 27 days to my next appoinment with the dentist.. I have rescheduled it to the holidays so it would be better... Can anybody tell me why so many people just hate me?? I am very frustrated about things happening in sch... Now I am really stressed up.. Especially with those *****es.. And those guys.. Haiz.. I was looking through some blogskins last night.. The pictures inside are all so nice... Rainie Yang and Ariel Lin.. Cute.. :D.. And now, I just feel like learning to create a blogskin so I no need to find those super nice ones when I can create one.. Hehe.. But I dunno how.. =.=.. Anyway, I like Elva's new song.. Oh ya.. I think not many people know who Jonas, Shi Kang Jun is.. So sad... But he is the president of Artchemist, a music sch!! I did not know until kor told me.. No wonder he tell me to join Artchemist instead of LWS... Hahas.. Then I tell Stella that nobody knows who is Jonas then she was like surprised.. Actually, not really surprise la.. Cos he a few years did not cut an album, of course nobody will know him la.. Hahas.. Ok la.. Signing off here.. Byebye..^.^
P.S Good luck to people taking their EOY.. ^.^v

Saturday, 25 September 2010

~Saturday September 25~
Hihi.. Here to blog.. Today, go dentist check up.. He say, next appoinment can do the thing fir braces le.. Shall I say yay or is it my dooms day? I very scared pain.. Hahas.. Today, go ION and shop, see so many nice nice de clothes.. Really very nice.. OMG!! They almost kissed again!! Now is Shan Mei huan xiang... Haiz... Very hope they can get together leh.. Ep 10 now.. hehe.. :D.. Now Shan Mei jealous.. Hahas... Sian.. Training tonight.. Waa.. Ok la.. Stop here liao.. Byebye..

Friday, 24 September 2010

~Friday September 24~
Hihi.. Here to blog again.. My precious came back.. Yipee.. *jumps up and down like a crazy woman* hahas.. Finally it is back.. :D.. Watching Love or Bread now... It rocks TTM!! Addicted to Ariel and Joe.. :P.. So shuai and pretty.. Exams are round the corner.. Have started revising a little bit only.. Hahas... I have a feeling that Frank likes Shan Mei.. :D.. I dunno why, but i seemed to have a sort of numbness for sch already.. Forget it.. Ok la.. Want to continue watching.. So, byebye...^.^

Saturday, 11 September 2010

~Saturday 11th September~
Hihi.. Here to blog..^.^.. Now watching They Kiss Again.. I watched finish It Started With A Kiss.. Within a few days... Phew.. What a record.. xD... I could not believe I can finish it so quickly... Then because of this, I have been neglecting Audi.. I have been stoning there.. Hehe.. Hmm... I dunno what to say leh... So nice and funny the show.. Hehe.. OK la.. Short post.. Byebye..
P.s: No training tonight.. Yay!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

~Sunday 5 September~
Hihi.. Sry ar, post for consecutive 3 days.. Hehe.. Today leh, go wild wild wet.. Got sun burnt... Pain pain now... But leh, play the things all so fun.. :D.. Tomorrow, need to go sch.. Sian... Then I sms people about The Queen's Classroom, never reply me.. I so angry.. zao zhi dao, dun wan to tell her what happened in ep 3 or 4 liao... Hai wo need to go watch again.... Feel like stabbing her now........... Ok la.. Today write short short de.. Happy holidays..^.^... Byebye....
~Saturday 4 September~
Hihi... Here to blog today... Time-trial for trainig today.. Damn tiring.. Then dunno why got thick thick smoke today.. Then I heard tomorrow we are going to Wild Wild Wet.. Yay.. So must sleep early... So after writing this blog, off to dreamland I go..... Today, started reading The Lost Boy, sequel to The Child Called 'It'.. Interesting but sad story, real-life experiences from Dave Pelzer.. Poor thing... Got beaten by mother everyday... If you want to know more, go read the book.. Ending here.. ^.^.. Byebye..
Li Wen

Friday, 3 September 2010

~Friday 3 September~
Hihi... Welcome to my new bloggie skin.. Sorry for before, it was Show Luo but I changed it to ToGetHer.. Cos I find this suitable.. :D Nice right?? It took me some time to copy and paste the links.. Just finished watching ep 8... Haiz.. My holidays are gone again! Holidays = No Holidays!! Although Mummy is on leave, I cannot stay in bed till 3 p.m.. Waaa.... D:.. Having tutorials and CCA..... Off to ep 9 I go... Stop here~.. Byebye...
*Well, going to try this now..
Li Wen..^.^

Sunday, 29 August 2010

~28 August 2010 Saturday~
Hmm... They went back le... Will be back 2 weeks later ba.. With clothes and bags from her that we ordered online.. Hehe..^^... This week will be Alanna's birthday... Yay.. Can see that fat doggy.. Hahas... Now, I hate Cyrus James Lecaine Kai Jie!! I wonder if they are all in order anot... >.<.. He poured all my stationaries yesterday, put my jacket on Shafik's table... Say I got no friends.. Who say de? I want to work alone means I got no friends ar... I want to work alone means that I do not want any trouble... I got hao peng you de hor.. *Starts singing 好朋友 by show luo*... Hehe.. I sooo hate all of them!!! Then I love the show Mr Soh showed us... I cried again.. Well, almost.. Kazumi was so poor thing... And Erika was sooo bad... I hate her... Baba-chan was okay.. She was lonely thats all... Ok la... Stop here.. Good night and happy birthday to Alanna..^^

Monday, 16 August 2010

~Monday 16 August~
Today is my big day.. Almost cried when I saw mummy's sms.. Cos I was soo touched.. Then in the middle of the night, I was told to called somebody to say me a happy birthday.. Thank You ar.. Then must thank Ran.. He came even though he need to go back to camp.. he talked about his camo duty the day before.. Hahas.. Then he also very tired, so tired until go where can sleep where.. Hahas.. Then Ah Long Jie Jie must thank her work.. If not, she would be at somewhere holiday-ing and not be at the birthday celebration.. I also forgot to bring her present she also forget to bring mine.. Then Ah Rui Jie Jie go watch movie.. Ah Hua go LWS.. Excused.. Hahas.. Ah Long Jie Jie took a picture of that chicken wing and me.. We shall wait till she tag me in FB.. Hehe.. Many sms came... Facebook also have notification..^^... Bought new shoes.. I got a sports bra.... Given by Ah Long and Ah bing Jie Jie.. Ok la.. Shall stop here today..

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

˜Wednesday August 11˜
Hihi.. Sry ar.. This post de heading abit funny de.. Cos using her macbook.. Still getting the hang of it.. The keypad quite nice to type de.. Anyway, 5 more days to my big day.. So much things happened this month.. Gonna update that secret blog of mine soon.. Now the house abit quite packed already.. with so many people living in one house.. Poor bed.. Now, I kinda hate sch.. Cos with all those people around me..Making me sooo quiet which is extraordinary for me.. Yea.. A little.. Just now, go Youtube and watch Jolin's new song, 玩爱之途 hope I did not type wrongly uh.. The MV is soo NC 16... Watch until very eww... Not gonna say, but i advise people not to see it.. Watched Yao Yao's Honey MV also.. I fell in love with the song... So catchy.. And she also used her real voice when interviewed by the reporters.. Yea.. Her real voice is kinda nice.. Then Hu Die Jie Jie and Ya Tou's voices are real wa wa yin.. Ok la.. End here today.. Bye..

Saturday, 7 August 2010

~Friday 7 August~
9 more days!! To 16 August.. Hehe.. Had fun in audi just now.. Show Luo's birthday bash at bfb was.. Nice.. Jolin went.. She was like, damn pretty.. Hahas.. Elva also pretty.. ^^.. Fake Makiyo and Selina went.. The "Selina" look soo like Selina.. As for Makiyo, I dun know really look alike anot.. But 猪鬼 say look alike.. Then maybe look alike lo.. Recently, I feel in love with Jolin's new song.. For today de bfb.. Jolin de ting zheng hui.. Funny.. Xiao zhu and her.. They are always quarreling.. okok.. shall end here today..
Good Night..

Saturday, 17 July 2010

~Friday 16 July~
Hello.. I am back from the camp.. The camp was BORING.. Teachers keep scolding.. Instructors was not as funny as P5.. But then Group 13 de camp leader, Cheryl, was like damn familiar.. Then I sms Deon ask her if she is one of the instructors in the P5 camp.. She say yes.. Then also got another camp instructor look like Ivy from YES 93.3.. Hahas.. Monday leh, I fell down at the porch the.. My hands hurts.. Dunno whoose leg stretch out, then I AHHHH!! Then fall with my lips alomost kissing the dirty floor.. Hahas.. Then left hand bleed like hell.. Now recovering le.. Luckily for right hand, only a bit of injured only.. Then when go home, cannot bathe sia.. The very pai seh, need somebody to bathe for me.. >.<.. Then cannot take bag like that lo.. Then Tuesday cannot swim.. Wednesday, ge school with one super heavy camping bag... 3D2N.. Of course must bring alot of things la.. Alsogot outdoor cooking.. Then got playKidnapped also.. I remember Deon being the hostage before.. Hehe.. Then at night before we sleep, Mr Soh say got people heven surrender their handphones yet.. Then bag check lo.. So I surrender my coins of bag my mummy gave me so that I can call her lo.. Then I very scared cannot take back sia.. Then go wash up and sleep lo.. Did not eat supper cos no time le.. No time to wash up le still go eat supper.. Then when I sleep, I cry silently lo.. Cos I very scared my mother cannot sleep ma.. Then not long later, I fell asleep le.. Then Thursday when I wake up, 6 plus.. Camp leader and instructors still sleeping la.. So we tou tou go wash up lo... Then go eat breakfast le.. Then go for acivity.. I tried flying fox.. Fun sia.. Then go rock climbing then kayaking.. I din go kayaking because, my hand injured, my that thing suddenly come and hai wo go borrow from friends and the water is the sea leh.. so dangerous, I dun dare to go.. Then after that, we go try low elements then preparation for campfire night with Group 13.. We do duinno wat cheer la.. We go bathe before that.. Annabella, keep waiting for me.. Hahas.. After the preparation is dinner then go MPH and had spme fun before the campfire.. The campfire damn boring sia.. All their back facing us de.. How to see? Then before putting out the fire, Mr Soh show the whole cohort about the fire on the hand de.. All 1E1 see le.. Hahas..Then debrief and supper.. I share one kaya bread with Annabella and drink milo.. Then go sleep la.. Cry again lo.. Then today, wake up at 7 plus.. Almost overslept sia.. Then go bathe.. Toilet wait damn long again.. Annabella also wait for me again.. Then go pack bag and gather.. Read book, then breakfast.. After that, area cleaning.. We clean the campfire oit.. Lucky, the rain.. Hahas.. Go MPH and gather.. Read book again.. Do evaluation form.. Then Mr Soh talk talk give prize then go back to own class and gather to take back stuffs.. Then go MPH collect my coins... Head back to sch after that.. We all do cheer and sing in the bus.. The Mr Soh say he teach us one more cheer say cannot say in sch de.. Den we all say, we won't say in sch la.. It is in Hokkien that is why cannot say in sch.. reach sch le... I go take cab home.. $5.40.. Hahas.. Reach home, eat, play com, go sleep, watch TV.. In the end, I miss my BFB and the 6 o'clock show.. Cos I 7 o'clock wake up.. Just nice for Your Hand In Mine last ep.. Ok la.. That is all for today.. Byebye..
P.S: Congrats to Fann, she go in main band le.. Hahas..

Saturday, 3 July 2010

~Friday 2nd July~
Okie.. Sooo long din write blog le.. Lolx.. Sry la.. Laazy to write.. Okie, lets start on the last week of sch holidays.. On Monday, went to watch Toys Story 3.. Touching and funny.. I cried.. Soo touching.. Tuesday, go sing k.. Finally.. Sang soo many songs including 气球,雨爱,好朋友 and many more.. Then go eat TCC for dinner.. Yummy.. Then go ION and walk again.. Wednesday, go library with Fann, then go lan, play audi... Thursday, go Jenny's house for project.. Friday, go Marina Barage, Marina Bay Sands.. This week, tired like hell.. Legs aching.. Almost fell in the bathroom and ended up with a blue black on my leg.. It hurts soo much.. My left hand de index finger and thumb also injured.. Haiz.. So 倒霉 for the whole week.. Play audi for awhile then go sleep le.. Goodnight..

Thursday, 17 June 2010

~Thursday 17 June~
Hmmm... The match yesterday with Chong Boon, was, ermm... Fun? Yea.. Fun.. Especially the goal... It was supposed to be ours.. But it stuck up there.. Everybody laughed.. I was hoping for the ball to get in, but the ball stuck up there..-_-l'l.. 9 more days!! To LWSPG mini concert.. 2 more days!! To the dental appoinment.. Dunno wat to do now.. So I shall stop blogging.. Byebye..

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

~Tuesday 15th June~
Next Saturday... Is his LWSPG mini concert.. Waiting.. Will be meeting the dentist on Saturday.. Hehe.. Just watched finish Rainie's and Show's Power Sunday de 躲猫猫... Funny.. Show so li hai.. Then Rainie that one must thank the girl and the old man cos they give her the clue.. Especially the girl, she even lead the way to the other girl who is hiding.. Hahas.. Laughing like xiao.. Ah Ya was like 被吓 dunno how many times.. Show also, kanna got scared.. Tomorrow, we will be competing with Chong Boon for netball.. Hehe.. Okie, shall stop here, off to the sweet bed.. Good night..

Thursday, 10 June 2010

~Thursday 10th June~
16 More days! To the mini concert.. This post is gonna be my hundredth post.. Fast eh? 3 years already.. Changed my blogskin and my chat box.. I love this blogskin... Hehe.. I am at ep 18 now.. Guang Xi changed.. But his love never change.. Hehe.. We won the match yesterday.. Yay.. We won them 2 points only.. Run like hell.. Sweat soo much, jersey so wet.. And it stinks.. Hehe.. Okie, not gonna write anymore.. Byebye...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

~Monday 8th June~
Hello.. Lets welcome my new blogskin.. Autumn's Concerto! Hehe.. I am watching this like crazy now.. At ep 14.. Fast eh? Yea.. Choing like hell.. Cos it is too interesting, and I have so much time.. Hahas.. She is online today, had a long chat.. Hehe.. Because of Autumn's Concerto, I haven watch my Calling For Love ep 3 yet.. Cos I got no patience to wait for the next day and watch the next ep.. Hahas.. Okie.. Dun want to write le.. Byebye..^^

Sunday, 6 June 2010

~Sunday 6th June~
She is online last night.. But had to sleep early.. Kinda sad.. But had a short chat with her.. Yesterday training was okay.. But in the changing room, I saw Deon Tan naked.. OMG.. Still dare to stand there.. I watched 听说 last night.. Nice.. I thought 秧秧 couldn't speak.. But she could.. Kinda pretty.. Hehe.. Eddie was cute... Just finished watching Autumn's Concerto ep 6.. Touching like mad.. Guang Xi's mother gone too overboard le.. Sad sia.. Now watching ep 7.. Hehe.. Xiao Xiao Bin is super cute lo.. Okie.. Stop here today..^^

Saturday, 5 June 2010

~Friday 4th June~
Today is the BIG DAY.. Hahas.. But.. Forget it.. Lolx.. Yesterday, started watching Autumn's Concerto.. Nice.. I am at ep 3 now.. Hehe.. The dental appoinment has been rescheduled to 19th of June.. Crashed with the face de.. Haiz.. I found out how shuai Vanness is.. Hehe.. He is cute at the BTH.. Xiao Xiao Bin is sooo cute.. =D... She left yesterday.. Without saying goodbye.. I have been waiting, waiting for her to be online.. But I guess, she should be enjoying herself there.. No time to go online.. I am also counting down.. 20 more days!! To his mini concert or performance..
I will be there, at RP supporting him and his choir group.. Btw, I dun CARE about YOU anymore.. In fact, I HATE YOU!! You destroyed my hopes and wishes on you! I am now watching The BTH.. Vanness chinese is like.. OMG.. Hehe.. At least he got the passion to learn.. Lolx.. An Yi Xuan in the show is a very ke lian de girl.. Not gonna say much about that..^^.. My eyelids feels heavy.. Going to the sweet bed now.. Goodnight.. ^^
P.S: Happy Belated Birthday to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.. ^^
For those who dun noe who the person is, forget it.. For those noe who I am referring to, wish her a happy b'day too!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

~Wednesday 2 June~
2 MORE DAYS!! Guess wat day is it.. Hahas.. Yesterday, sore throat.. Go see doctor again.. 3rd time this year already.. But today feeling better.. Hehe.. Went for netball match today.. I played GK for the 1st quarter.. GD for the 2nd quarter.. I did not play for the last two quarter.. Tired already.. I GK keep obstruction because I did not three feet away.. -_-l'l.. Luckily, 2nd quarter only one time.. Hahas.. I saved the ball again today.. Twice.. I fell the second time.. But not injured.. Xenia sprained her leg.. She cried.. Then she feeling better le.. Today the sun damn hot.. Luckily did not sunburn.. Hehe.. The GS is so freaking-ly tall sia.. Okie, shall end here today.. Byebye..

Monday, 31 May 2010

杨丞琳 - 偏食
作词:郑淑妃(aka 妤辰) 作曲:薛忠铭
专辑 - 异想天开:新歌+精选

你拨弄我的发丝 敷衍了事
连简单几个字 也懒的解释
所以我得不到你给的糖 是或不是
只靠你的爱 我才可以过日子
你对爱太不诚实 我却忠实
不靠你的爱 我到最后会心死
承诺是短暂的电池 用完为止
我爱你三个字 已经完全贬值
连简单几个字 也懒的解释
所以我得不到你给的糖 是或不是
只靠你的爱 我才可以过日子
你对爱太不诚实 我却忠实
不靠你的爱 我到最后会心死
承诺是短暂的电池 用完为止
我爱你三个字 已经完全贬值
承诺是短暂的电池 用完为止
我爱你三个字 已经完全贬值
~Monday 31 May~
FOUR MORE DAYS!! To Rainie's birthday.. Hahas.. Just read her blog.. Heard she is at 上海.. Hmm.. Will be there until the first of July.. So it is equals to she is gonna celebrate her birthday at China.. Hahas.. Three more days.. And she is going back to China.. Just thought.. Since Rainie is at 上海, she is able to go to he Expo.. Hahas.. Today, went back to sch for 1 room flat visit, Guzheng and Netball.. Netball match cancelled due to the rain.. And it was postphone to Wednesday.. -_-l'l.. Busy schedule.. Tired.. I have fallen in love with Rainie's new song le.. Wondering to put those lyrics up.. Okie.. I shall put it up lo.. It is a nice song.. So.. Byebye..^^

Saturday, 29 May 2010

~Friday 28 July~
Hello.. Now, I found out my life sucks like hell.. Working with those I hate is totally unbearable... Deon also poor thing.. Become sandbag le.. Poor her.. I just wish I could kill those bitches off.. Watched Calling For Love yesterday.. Nice.. Funny.. Director the same as WWL and HMS.. Funny director.. Hehe.. Downloaded PPStream today.. Dunno why leh.. Hehe.. Tomorrow go back sch.. For newspaper collection.. Sometimes, I just wanna go out with somebody who is close to me.. I showed her their blogs yesterday.. She said, the fonts are too big and blend into the blog, making it difficult for readers to read.. I agreed.. Ah kor is sick.. Still sick, it has been days.. Hope he recover soon enough.. 26th June, Another kor kor concert from Lee Wei Song choir band.. Going there.. Republic Polytechnic.. Very near.. I just wanna say, 我累了。。你对我这样,你不累吗?如果你不累,我累了。。请你让我休息。。Yong Keong called me today.. Wondering why of all his friends, he called me instead.. I did not take his call.. I smsed him.. He asked my what tym to meet tomorrow.. Shall end here today.. Good Night..

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

~Tuesday 25 May~
Today, I qiong to watch my Down With Love Ep 16.. The ending abit rush luh.. But hor, the ending also very nice.. Yang Duo de hair grow long.. Kinda pretty.. Hehe.. Yang Guo got one son and pregnant.. Hahas.. So nice lor.. Watched it again and again.. Hehe.. The son like Xiang Yu Ping.. Got lawyer talent.. Hair like Yang Guo, come out one side de.. Hahas.. Then today de My Paper got Show leh.. Going to see it.. Hehe.. Tomorrow, sch aas per normal but change to D&T le.. I miss my Home Ec leh.. Next term also going to change to History le.. Hehe.. Just finished watching Down With Love the ending the 3rd time.. Gonna watch it the 4th time on Saturday.. Love the ending.. Holidays coming.. Yay! Can watch Calling For Love and Corner With Love le.. Yay! Also want to watch Yang Guang Tian Shi.. But I think just start filming only leh.. Hope can be out during the december holidays ba.. If not very xing ku de leh.. Hehe.. Okie shall end here today.. Byebye..

Sunday, 23 May 2010

~Saturday 22 April~
Came back a long long time ago from training.. Tired.. *Yawns*.. Went to see the dentist today.. He say I got 2 missing tooth.. Maybe need tooth extraction when I put the braces... Waa.. But not now la.. He say, my case a bit complicated.. Need one extra step... Need to put something for 6-9 months then can put braces.. So I did the x-ray and moulding today.. The moulding must wait for 1 minute.. That minute passes quickly.. So okok la.. I will receive it 2 weeks later.. Must wait lor.. He say, will have a bit discomfort sia.. Today training, not many people.. Cos many of them go phuket liao.. Good.. Dun have those people I hate to see, aka, those *****es.. Deon should know luh.. Got so many songs from Ashlyn and Evelyn.. Thanks.. ^^.. Went to More Than Words today.. Bought a mirror.. I saw a care bear, sad feelings de.. I want it.. I am gonna buy it.. Found smurfs there also.. I also want to buy it for ah bing jie jie.. Saw this month Teens magazine is Rainie Yang.. Gonna buy it on Monday.. Hehe.. Tomorrow is Show de concert le.. Wish him all the best.. Hehe.. Shall end here today.. Off to my sweet bed.. Bye..

Saturday, 22 May 2010

~Friday 21 May~
Jus came back from cwp.. Went to watch Shrek Forever and After.. So nice to watch.. The babies were so cute.. Nice ending.. Tommorrow, go dentist for consultation on my braces.. Scared pain leh.. CCA photo taking today.. Netball was funny.. I kept laughing.. Hehe.. Then before that was Guzheng.. So quiet like that leh.. I will be having a camp on 14-16 July.. Yay.. Hehe.. Same place as Primary 5 de.. The place I knew.. =).. Excited.. Kinda late now.. Want to go sleep le.. Good night..

Sunday, 16 May 2010

~Saturday 15 May~
Today, I went for training.. I was like slacking the whole time but I swim until no energy le.. *Yawns*.. Hahas.. I spammed at LX the post.. Hehe.. Not spam.. Is chat.. Hehe.. Now waiting for TV to show the part where Ah Ya leaving.. So I now watching Guess x3 now luh.. Found Deon de blog.. Hehe.. Sorry ar.. Deon, I fouund it on Fann's blog.. Hehe.. So sorry.. Shall end here today.. Goodnight..

Saturday, 15 May 2010

~Friday 14 May~ (Part 1)

~Friday 14 May~
Hmmm... Around one more week to Show's 舞法舞天巡回演唱会... He will also be holding an event at IMM.. Cannot go.. Ashlyn say she going.. Haiz.. So good.. Alien de event she also go.. What about Butterfly? Hahas.. She haven come yet la... =P.. MYE over le.. Woots.. Will post all pictures later.. Hmmm.. Nothing to write le.. Cause this week, 没什么好写的.. Bye bye..

Monday, 10 May 2010

~Monday May 10~
Hmm.. Quite some time din blog le.. Forgot to post pictures.. Sorry.. Will try to do it this week.. Yesterday Mother's Day, as usual, go ah jie to house there to celebrate.. Toto super cute de.. Took pictures while she is eating.. Then we watch Transformers 2.. I regretted not watching that day.. It was so nice lo.. Bumblebee super cute de.. Otimus Prime died.. I over there keep saying why he die like that.. Then ah long jie jie very nai fan.. Hahas.. Saturday go Vivocity with grandma they all.. We go eat, eat le walk walk.. My aunt bought another care bear for me.. She bought Play A Lot for me.. Then at night, I at home watch show.. Sunday afternoon also.. I Sunday watch 我猜我猜猜猜猜 de 先生小姐您哪位.. Cos Rainie Yang ma.. Then got one is Rainie say she want to marry him de.. I was like, who who who.. Like that.. Then I saw is that guy who ride the motorbike in WWL.. I say, I got watched that episode on Behind The Scenes... Okie.. Shall stop writing here.. Bye..

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

~Tuesday 4 May~
AHHH.... I am sick.. Went to the clinic again today.. He gave me nothing but medicine, medicine, medicine and MC.. Cannot play PE for one week... Help!!... A mere cough could just end me up with bottle and packets of medicines... Nobody in class knew I was sick.. Nobody cares anyway.. I am gonna miss someone... Aww.... Today Chinese so easy.. Hahas... Went to MBS on Saturday.. All working that day.. But cannot find us.. The toilet was like... Dark dark de.. Very nice.. Will post those pictures at the end of the week.. Dunno wat I am doing now.. lolx.. Shall stop writing here..

Friday, 30 April 2010

~Friday 30 April~
The chalet was damn fun.. Hahas.. Played badminton with ah boy ge ge, his Gf and Ah De kor kor.. Added his GF on FB.. She tell me to add de.. Will post all zi lian pics tonight.. I got more now.. Hehe.. Never took pics there.. Dunno why.. Hehe.. School was like a total torture for me.. Will have a close up on my secret on _________... Exams is today.. EL, summary was a torture.. I panicked like hell.. Mr Soh say we cannot talk until dismissal.. Well, everybody talked except me.. All never follow instructions de... When sitting for Paper 2, I found one of my correction tape missing.. Darn.. I was furious.. I thought was Cyrus and he would return to me.. But when I collecting extra paper that time, I turned back and saw ______ 's table there got my correction tape.. I was super furious.. Steal my correction tape.. Never ask permission from owner is steal right? Ya la.. It is steal lo.. Brother wan to use le.. Will stop here.. Anything missing, will write it tonight.. Bye..
P.S All blanks will be filled up in ______ hehe.. Except the first one luh..

Saturday, 24 April 2010

~Friday 23 April~
Rainie's concert is tomorrow.. Cannot go.. But i hope she is feeling better.. Jia yous for the concert.. Hehe.. Tomorrow also going chalet and have fun! Yay! So excited.. Can see ah jie they all.. But I dun think all will be present ba.. Some like working tomorrow wor.. But both kor kor can make ma.. 4 o'clock off work... Pasir Ris.. Never been there for a year le.. But can still remember clearly.. Today, because of racism problem, the whole class got argument.. Shamirul got angry and almost cried.. I go comfort him.. Tell him that it is not worth to cry for those people who dun treasure you, care about you.. Out there, got alot of people care about you, why dun you care and treasure them instead of caring and treasuring those who dun treasure you.. Well this happens to me EVERYTIME.. So i tell myself "我是SHERO,女强人。。我的泪,不值得为他们流..." Hehe.. Actually, I told myself this after hearing what S.H.E said on promoting their new album.. Until now eh, cannot find Butterfly de new song.. But found the MV le.. Hahas..Just love her.. So cute.. Show de concert also coming le.. He this few days also never go YLBFB and host.. Maybe because of the concert ba.. Jia yous.. lolx.. Found another Rainie's Blog.. That one like her real one leh.. YLBFB got put.. I that time so happy.. Hahas.. Okay la.. Dun wan to write le.. Btw, took some zi lian pics.. Will post very soon.. Bye..

Thursday, 22 April 2010

~Thursday 22 April~
This few days like shit la.... Go learn malay, so boring.. Then today afternoon something happened.. Dun wan to say, gonna write in secret bloggie.. Today, got farewell party for graduating seniors in netball... Actually want to play mini game de.. But raining.. So we stay inside one clasrrom and EAT.. Hehe.. Bee Hoon.. Evelyn and Su Teng all say very hot, Nan, Jus and I say okok leh.. Then also got take pics.. Then Xenia got draw something on the board about the senoirs de, then she missed out one senoir.. The senoir go write her name plus a question mark.. Then I laugh.. She after that also got laugh.. Then I tell her she miss out the senoir name, she told me she laugh because I laugh very funny.. Btw, today was a good day for me, I have enjoyed it.. Good Luck to the senoirs in their exams...Yesterday de YLBFB very funny.. Butterfly and Alien as host.. Because, Show de concert coming le.. I found his blog.. Hehe... Okay lar.. cannot remember what happened le.. So shall stop here ba.. Bye..

Saturday, 17 April 2010

~Friday 16 April~
Ugh.. Tomorrow is the day.. Cannot go.. Anyway, it has been sold out.. What is the point of going to buy when you know it has been sold out.. Anyway, hope tomorrow the concert will go through smoothly.. Kudos to Mr Koo.. He is able to get 3 of the tickets.. 18th April.. Also cannot go Plaza Singapura.. Darn it.. I want to go.. Waa.. Received an award for top 10% level academic today.. It is kinda useless when you do not have BFFs around except for someone who is always beside me, sharing my woes.. not telling who.. I now also wondering why cannot find Butterfly's new song, 彩虹气泡.. Downloaded 阿杜's 听见牛在哭.. A nice song worth to hear.. One more is Rainie's new song.. 异想天开.. Nice also.. Her concert is coming, in Taiwan.. I heard she is sick.. Hope she get well soon and all the best for the concert.. Show is also coming to SG.. Cannot go also.. 3D without the specs somemore.. Haiz.. Dun wan to write le.. Byebye..

Thursday, 15 April 2010

~Thursday 15 April~
Hihi.. Long time no post le.. Hehe.. Lazy ar.. 0.o.. Just now.. at kor kor room, suddenly got one one 'ahhhh' de sound.. hahas... is kor kor de GF.. The bed suddenly drop... Hahas.. The bed want to spoil le.. Today sports day.. I din run.. But i got there relax.. Listen songs, read Dorothy bring de e-pop..^^.. But all read before le.. Dun care.. Nothing to do.. Then see teachers run.. Hahas.. Mr Soh run very funny.. Then my class eh.. Did not win anything.. Haiz.. One of my dearest kor kor de b'day coming le.. Go chalet.. Yay! Hahas.. I want to wish him, next time dun be so ling se le.. I think is 27 years old le... Must find GF.. Hahas.. Of course ma.. His two younger brother already got GF le leh.. Hmm.. 2 more days to counting down to S.H.E Is The One concert.. Full le.. I cannot go.. So sad.. Also wan to go to the celebration at Plaza Singapura the next day.. But also cannot go.. Haiz.. How I wish to go.. 17th April.. I will be at Victoria Theater.. See concert.. School sponser us de... Now listening to 阿杜 de 听见牛在哭.. It is a nice song.. Ok la.. dun write le.. want to play PS le.. Byebye..

Monday, 29 March 2010

The escalator at ION..

Sry for not posting her photos for such a long time..
Hehe.. Hope you like it.. She is growing fatter.. Hahas..
Much better..^^

Humph... Never look at the camera.. ^^
I look as if I am strangling her right? Cause she dun wan to see the camera mahs..

Super cute Toto.. Guess who is carrying her..

(hint: I talked about her here many times)

~Monday 29th March~
Okie.. Today, e-learning.. At first leh, cannot login to moodle.. Then I call hotline.. Ok le lo.. That day go muar haven post yet.. Hehe.. Ah Bing Jie Jie de BF also got go.. We go one place and pray, they two sweet couple go buy malt candy.. I so furious.. Never buy one for me.. Yesterday leh, whoa.. Three Jie Jie come.. So happy.. They buy KOI... I get to drink Ah Rui Jie Jie one.. So many pearls.. Hehe.. She say she chew until tired lerhs.. Hahas.. Ah Long Jie JIe but Green Tea.. Ah Ling Jie Jie leh.. Dunno leh.. Ah Rui Jie Jie start work today... Jia yous.. 思蕊姐姐,加油!Hehe.. Saturday, netball carnival.. So nice but hot.. I kana sunburn.. Pain.. Bernice also make me 影响深刻... Dunno why lehs.. Hahas.. Play 6 matches.. Each about 15mins like tat.. All lose except for last one.. Hehe.. Sembawang Sec de Sec 3, 4 and 5.. Opponent ask me I sec wat.. I say cannot hear.. She say another time, her friend call her.. Hahas.. I did a good job.. The opponent throw high ball, I jump and smack the ball.. Ah Ling Jie Jie say, "You think you play basketball ar?" Hahas.. My leg got two colour.. White and Black... Lols.. Face getting better.. Yay! Hahas.. Ok le.. Bye bye..

Thursday, 18 March 2010

~Thursday 18 March~
Hihi.. Jus come back not long ago from Nandinii house.. Actually very long le la.. Go do project.. Okie.. Time to write this few days de reflection or whatsoever.. Yesterday, wake up so early.. Go Orchard Road there de OG sale.. So many people.. Then go ION walk walk.. Take a picture of how long the escalator is.. Very long.. From first floor to 5th floor ba.. Then go OCC and bathe.. Bathe le.. See them training.. 0.o.. I din go.. Hehe.. After tat go watch movie.. We watch Little Big Soldier.. So nice and funny.. Then we Saturday go IT show.. Alot of people.. Then we bought a laptop and 1 broadband.. Okok.. Stop writing le.. Bye bye..

Friday, 12 March 2010

~Friday 12 March~
I forgot to thank Cyrus for helping me set my time for my dictionary.. Hehe.. Thank you very much.. Went for guzheng today... Sudddenly dunno where all senoir they all go.. Left me alone in the room.. I started to dig their music score files.. Haha..^^.. So many homework.. Haiz... Like very long time nvr use 'haiz' already... Bu still very fan... Fan until many pimples start popping up... Just heard from my mummy yesterday tat ah bing jie jie also gioing to Muar.. Yay! Another accompany.. Dunno why dun wan to spend quality time with her BF leh? Who knows, maybe he not free ba.. Ok la.. oday no need to write so much.. So, bye bye..^^

Thursday, 11 March 2010

~ Thursday 11 March~
Yay! Holidays coming soon... Just bought a new bag yesterday..^^ so scared my birthday present spoil ma.. So buy new bag lo.. Tuesday, LAM (Level Academic Master/Mistress), Mr Soh, Class 1E1 GP, talk about our academic results.. 1N1 sitting beside us.. We got the worst class for Common Test.. So diu lian.. 1N1 boys keep saying us.. So wat you guys have the best results in the whole 1Ns? Then, I think is last week ba.. Danish got scolded by Mr Soh for sleeping in class.. He cried.. 0.o.. Serves him right.. Mouth keep moving in class, non-stop de.. Oh ya.. My dearest kor kor got into the Lee Wei Song choir or whatsoever la.. He missed da jie de birthday party.. All there except him.. Anyway, he chosen to sing 撑腰.. Hehe.. Sang by Mr. Pig... Xiao Zhu.. He say he need to dance.. 0.o.. So use com go youtube and see the MV again.. Mus zhu fu him.. Jia yous.. Your no. 1 fan.. Hahas.. This Sunday go Muar with the RC.. At least not only me go la.. My dearest ah rui jie jie also going.. Cos she say she 29th den start work ma... So follow her mama go lo.. Such a filial girl.. Hahas.. E-learning, heard from Mr Foo tat it will be on the 29th-30th march.. 0.o.. such a coincidence.. Ah rui jie jie start work tat dae.. ^_^v.. Also mus zhu fu her.. Jia yous in your new job.. ^^.. Will always suppport you.. Hahas..^^.. Okie, ending here.. night night..

Sunday, 28 February 2010

~Saturday February 27~
0.o.. second last dae of Feb.. Jus finish watching Guessx3.. Why change to Yao Yao? A wan Hu Die Jie Jie!! I wan her.. She so cute.. Waa... Jus now got chat with Fann a bit la.. Then they come to my house.. 0.o.. Eat, watched Down With Love.. Ella so cute with Jerry Yan.. ^^ Ella, the second cutest in S. H .E.. Next is Hebe.. Then Selina the prettiest.. Hehe.. ^^ Then news.. I go be a good host.. Help jie jie and kor kor give drinks.. See, i so good.. Then say alot of things in FB.. One post from Fann caused Li Xuan and I start a topic to talk.. Talk about something.. Guess wad is it.. I won tell.. Only Fann and LX noes... Yes.. They noe.. Then jus now watching Down With Love tat tym, play cards with didi and ah long jie jie.. We play blackjack.. Then i keep having the small small numbers.. So angry.. Then jie jie say, if you get over 21 one time, mus sing.. Then I kanna la.. i sang my hot favorite now.. 习惯就好.. Tat one ar.. *sigh* post into FB on something lyk tat.. I ended up wan to call for help from somebody.. Anonymous Friend.. Hehe.. 匿名的好友.. Hahas.. Cannot tell who.. I wan to keep a secret.. Keep thinking, I like very long time never get my feelings until so HIGH le.. The last time is... I forget le.. Last year.. Haiz.. I wan to go back.. I now no HIGH feelings but keep crying.. Always in bad mood.. Alot of problems since coming into secondary sch.. I become 爱哭鬼 already.. Can go Guessx3 already.. Hahas..

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

~February 24 2010~
Haiz.. Common Test tis week.. Dun even noe will pass anot.. anyway, this Saturday, jie jie and kor kor they all come to my house.. Yay! Tat dae saw toto and the him and her.. Still as pretty.. :) Saw someone else today.. She also got watch Hi My Sweetheart and Autumn's Concerto.. So good.. I alos ean to watch.. lian jie jie say nice to watch.. I will try.. Toto no change but the house de door there got one fence le.. hahas.. I can carry her le.. Also got take pictures.. Hehe.. cute cute one... So stress.. Stupid Geo teacher.. Give 12 pages of homework and wan us to finish by tomorrow.. Then got 1 page is atlas one.. She say go see book de last page got world map.. I see le.. My book still got three blank spaces.. Haiz.. Tell her go buy one atlas for all of us lah... Must be 36 ar.. Cos you wan us to pass, buy one atlas for me lo... Okays.. dun wan to write le.. Hope you guys like my new blogskin.. HMS leh... Hehe.. Some more got music.. all my favorites.. Hehe.. Ok la.. Bye Bye..

Friday, 12 February 2010

~ Friday February 12~
Went back to APS today.. Without Miss Fann Ong coz her mother dun allow... Tired day, the chinese new year celebration today was okay but too short le.. Almost fan lian with Fann tat dae.. Cried in the toilet.. After tat, nothing happened, go chao lyrics for two songs.. I felt very super to finish one song de lyrics in a dae.. Fann and I made up the next dae but very little sms going.. Haiz.. She busy with sch work while me, busy with cca, homework and tutorial.. Geography teacher was late for 15 mins so angry.. Kept us waiting for her.. Okay, talk about todae.. Saw Justyn Au and Angelo at the back gate while waiting for SC and Deon... Amost cannot recognise them le.. Cos SC face got more pimples.. Shall I recommend you some products for pimples? They work you noe.. But hor.. Like very expensive lyk tat leh.. Dun care la.. Wat matters is your face is healthy.. But I dun wan to celebrate CNY with this face leh.. Forget it.. I put powder.. Saw Mr Koo, Mr Ong and Mdm Loke in sch.. Mr Koo bought 3 tickets for a concert.. I am jealous.. Anyway, he will be going with girls.. Hahas.. Haven been talking on the phone for 2 weeks le.. Sian.. saw so many ppl in APS go Pierce.. Even Kai Wen.. I leh.. Go FCSS.. Kinda excited.. Can see those ppl i wan to see.. When is the last time I saw them? Hmm... Forgot which dae le.. Opps.. Forgot about the show and tell.. My turn liao lor.. I brought my pictures there.. Is my mama choose one.. I introduced the one we went to ECP one and the field one.. Very nervous but luckily, Miss Lee say very good *sigh*.. so relaxed... CNY concert one of the MC is Jaslinda lo.. Hahas... Nandinii and I kept talking about her.. How long her hair is and blah blah blah.. Suddenly I look in front and saw my K2 pictures.. I felt tat I looked cute.. Hehe.. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve le... Yay! But hor mus be patient with tat two children leh.. Plus my bro, very chaotic le.. Okay, stop writing le.. I wish everyone here a happy Chinese New Year..
P.S: I won be writing my Chinese blog todae..

Saturday, 6 February 2010

~ Friday February 5~
Okays.. Like wat I promised in my diary.. I decided to write this blog again so tat someone.. Can read it.. I will be writing my chinese blog also.. Hehe.. Okay, to the main point.. So stress this whole week... But had fun in netball, English class and Maths class.. I passed my geography test so no need to stay for tutorial.. Yay! No need to see tat teacher face.. Hahas.. Not playing well for the tournament.. Lost 3 matches... Urgh... All sec 2.. We here got three sec 2 only leh... The rest all sec 1.. So sad.. Haven been talking to Miss Fann Ong for the past one week le.. I heard she stomach ache.. I hope you feeling better... I am still wondering wat should I do for the show and tell.. Hmmm.... Okay.. Enough writing le.. Bye..
Li Wen