Saturday, 25 September 2010

~Saturday September 25~
Hihi.. Here to blog.. Today, go dentist check up.. He say, next appoinment can do the thing fir braces le.. Shall I say yay or is it my dooms day? I very scared pain.. Hahas.. Today, go ION and shop, see so many nice nice de clothes.. Really very nice.. OMG!! They almost kissed again!! Now is Shan Mei huan xiang... Haiz... Very hope they can get together leh.. Ep 10 now.. hehe.. :D.. Now Shan Mei jealous.. Hahas... Sian.. Training tonight.. Waa.. Ok la.. Stop here liao.. Byebye..

Friday, 24 September 2010

~Friday September 24~
Hihi.. Here to blog again.. My precious came back.. Yipee.. *jumps up and down like a crazy woman* hahas.. Finally it is back.. :D.. Watching Love or Bread now... It rocks TTM!! Addicted to Ariel and Joe.. :P.. So shuai and pretty.. Exams are round the corner.. Have started revising a little bit only.. Hahas... I have a feeling that Frank likes Shan Mei.. :D.. I dunno why, but i seemed to have a sort of numbness for sch already.. Forget it.. Ok la.. Want to continue watching.. So, byebye...^.^

Saturday, 11 September 2010

~Saturday 11th September~
Hihi.. Here to blog..^.^.. Now watching They Kiss Again.. I watched finish It Started With A Kiss.. Within a few days... Phew.. What a record.. xD... I could not believe I can finish it so quickly... Then because of this, I have been neglecting Audi.. I have been stoning there.. Hehe.. Hmm... I dunno what to say leh... So nice and funny the show.. Hehe.. OK la.. Short post.. Byebye..
P.s: No training tonight.. Yay!!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

~Sunday 5 September~
Hihi.. Sry ar, post for consecutive 3 days.. Hehe.. Today leh, go wild wild wet.. Got sun burnt... Pain pain now... But leh, play the things all so fun.. :D.. Tomorrow, need to go sch.. Sian... Then I sms people about The Queen's Classroom, never reply me.. I so angry.. zao zhi dao, dun wan to tell her what happened in ep 3 or 4 liao... Hai wo need to go watch again.... Feel like stabbing her now........... Ok la.. Today write short short de.. Happy holidays..^.^... Byebye....
~Saturday 4 September~
Hihi... Here to blog today... Time-trial for trainig today.. Damn tiring.. Then dunno why got thick thick smoke today.. Then I heard tomorrow we are going to Wild Wild Wet.. Yay.. So must sleep early... So after writing this blog, off to dreamland I go..... Today, started reading The Lost Boy, sequel to The Child Called 'It'.. Interesting but sad story, real-life experiences from Dave Pelzer.. Poor thing... Got beaten by mother everyday... If you want to know more, go read the book.. Ending here.. ^.^.. Byebye..
Li Wen

Friday, 3 September 2010

~Friday 3 September~
Hihi... Welcome to my new bloggie skin.. Sorry for before, it was Show Luo but I changed it to ToGetHer.. Cos I find this suitable.. :D Nice right?? It took me some time to copy and paste the links.. Just finished watching ep 8... Haiz.. My holidays are gone again! Holidays = No Holidays!! Although Mummy is on leave, I cannot stay in bed till 3 p.m.. Waaa.... D:.. Having tutorials and CCA..... Off to ep 9 I go... Stop here~.. Byebye...
*Well, going to try this now..
Li Wen..^.^