Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Project Work 2008

This year, we had our topic for project work called 'Anderson Dengue Kit' I think. We could choose our own groups and work with them. Today is the second day of our project work, I felt quite happy but when Mandy, my group leader chose who to use the laptop the next day, Mandy and I quarelled. But finally, Mandy has chosen who to use the laptop the next day. I always love to do projects. When I was Primary 3, our topic is 'Our Early Settlers.' I got into one of my form teacher's favourite presentation and she gave me a paper clip I felt happy even though I did not win the first prize. For Primary 4, our topic is Recycling. Even though we finished the project, I did not got into one of my teacher's favourite but I don't mind at all. This year, I m going to do the presentation slides. I am so happy and wish to keep up the team spirit in my group.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Personal Response 5 : Earthquakes

1. Earthquake is caused by the motion of tectonic plates - individual sections that make up the Earth's surface like panels on a football.Immense strain accumulates along fault lines where adjacent plates meet. When the rock separating the plates give way, sudden seismic ground-shaking movement occurs.
2. People can hide under furnitures and use their hands to cover their heads. Refraining major injuries or they can go to a safe place where it is not affected during the quake as soon as possible.
3. Yes. The scientist did not use any instruments but they can tell when earthquakes happen if plates move towards each other.
4. Well, earthquakes happens in many places including China, America, Afghanistan
and many more.
5. These countries have earthquakes because the motion of tectonic plates.
6. Yes sooner or later. You won't know the world is changing like the price increase for the rise because the weather around the world is changing so the grains can't grow so that is why the price of the rice increases.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lymericks: My Pet

I have a very unusual pet
Who loves to be beaten and pat.
Who loves to play games
And loves to be in fame
What a very unusual pet

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Reflection 5 : My Mother

1. I think that Mother's Day is a day when we thank our mother for their support to us, accompany us, and encourage us.
2. Well, I think of celebrate Mother's Day and give my mother a bracelet specially made to her from me because I don't have much money to treat her or buy her a gift so I use my heart and make a bracelet for her.
3. My relationship with my mother is good and she always encourages my brother and me she even take us to our tution centre because it's recitation class and she accompany us, and tel me the meaning of words.
4. She encourges me to do well in my studies and cooks my favourite fried rice,pasta and japanese udon for lunch every weekend.
5. I strengthen my relationship by chatting with her for about 4-5 minutes and spend more time with her.
6. Yes I think mother's are important in chidren lives because the mother carry the baby in her womb for nine months, the mother feeds the baby with her own milk so the feelings for the mother to the child is very deep.
7. If I can do one thing for my mother is to help her do her chores because both my parents are working so sometimes after working, my mother will do some housework and she will be tired after do it. So I want to lessen her stress and help her.=)

Friday, 2 May 2008

My Brother

Yesterday, my brother fell sick at night. My parents brought my brother to the doctor while I stay at home to sleep because I got to wake up early for school the next day but I was worried sick for my brother and at the same time, scared. Finally, my brother came home safely and I was relieved but my brother which is in the afternoon session, could not make for school today, which I don't know that he took MC after I called my mother after school today in the bus. She insturcted me to feed my brother his medicine at 2 and 4 as a part that I am his sister, I need to take care of him and feed his medicine. My brother told me that if in three days, his fever has not gone down, he had to go to KK Hospital for a blood test as it might be a case of dengue fever but luckily, my brother's fever has gone down and I hope thst he can recover by Sunday because my mother has decided to clebrate my brother's birthday as it is not convienient for my family and me because it is on a weekday and I got my SA1 on that day an I really hope that he can recover as soon as possible. But I am really relived to see my brother active again

This post is also dedicated to my brother.
Your sister and AdersonPrimary School Student,
Tan Li Wen (14)

Personal Response 4: Child Safety Belt in School Buses

1.Well, I do take a mini-bus back home from school because I stay very far from school so I need to wake up early if I am taking bus to school and usually, in the morning, my father does not go to work so early so he can fetch me to school. Both my parents are also working to feed my family if not I wobn't be seating buses.=)
2.Mostly,will talk to their friends and create a loud din in the bus. Some just take out a book to read to kill their time in the bus.
3.Well, I agree with Ms Karen Koh because children who are in the bus are usually playful and talkative. Accident might happen when the bus brake suddenly and maybe those children will fall and they might get minor or major injuries.
4.I do not agree with Mr Leow Beng Kiong's view that installing seat belts because even with 15 minutes, accident will happen and life is priceless you cannot bring a person back to life.=(
5.Well, maybe install a cctv in the bus and so that the school can monitor those children who are playful to prevent accident to happen or maybe hire more bus assitants to take care or monitor the students.=)