Wednesday, 29 December 2010

~Wednesday 29 December~
Aww.. School is starting soon.. :( anyways, watching love buffet and m riders now.. :D Love buffet got xiu~~ he soo shuai and cute~ :DDDDD m riders got ah ben~ ^^ another cute guy~ :D m riders is similiar to k.o.3anguo.. they even have ru ci ru ci zhe ban zhe ban.. but i guess the producer is the same ba~ the song is DCW sing de~ :DDD all so shuai sia~ :P anyways, type alot of things in plurk yesterday.. and happy belated birthday to my dearest Gao Lao and Li Xuan~ Gao Lao, you are the best chinese teacher i have ever met~ no teacher in my school can beat you lehh.. Li Xuan, hmm.. dunno what to say lehh.. =.=" anyway, i treated you like my BFF.. ^^ :)) oh yes.. i think sunshine angel will have han lehh!! :D she damn pretty sia~ wu xiong de sister~ also got act in m riders.. hehe..^^ oh yes, we celebrated christmas at ah bing jie jie house.. her doggie put on alot of weight already.. =.=" ah bing jie jie also very lucky got cookies.. :P stop here ba~ gtg change le~ bye~ ^^

Sunday, 19 December 2010

~Sunday 19 December~
Hellos.. Here to blog again.. :)) well, lets talk about Thursday and slowly down to today.. :) went to the Bookfest without warning.. I can't download my shows and watched in time.. :( but, we went to the wrong place.. We went to expo instead of suntec.. So, we went to collect Derek's CPU first, then to the converse warehouse sale and lastly, the Bookfest.. Bought 2 t-shirts, one new pencil case, new school shoes and a new bag~ :D then, at the Bookfest, it is damn cold there and not many people.. Books are also not aplenty.. I expected somemore luh.. Bought two assesment books and a new stack of drawing board.. Then ate at suntec there~ went to carrefour looked at toys, went to Toys "R" Us then to Hang Ten and finally home~ Then on Friday,woke up early and finished watching K.O.3anguo.. The ending is soo nice~ Ah Xiang actually look beautiful with the black dress when she was the "bad guy"... It kinda suit her well.. :P Then went out met Deon first then Hui Fu.. Went to J8, watched rapunzel, went to see some gifts for Stella and Ah Rui jie jie.. But, bought nothing in the end.. But i found people selling Stella's bear that her friend gave.. :)) then went to vivo to look for daddy and didi.. They watched Narnia.. I went to candy empire and Tangs while waiting for them~ bought chocolates at candy empire and two pairs of donald and daisy and a freezer mug as presents to those names on top.. :)) went to eat dinner there~ went to Pet Safari.. Those doggies are wayy too cute~ :D played arcade.. I just love to play the basketball one.. :)) walk walk a bit and called a cab home.. ^^ went to grand uncle house on Saturday.. His daughter is getting married already.. It is freaking me out.. gotta find formal clothes! can't embarrass them~ :P then training.. almost killed me.. :P then today, went to the recititation thing.. boring~ sit down there for like dunno how long~ came home after that~ next week, gonna celebrate christmas and ah rui jie jie's birthday.. a super long sms came from ah bing jie jie.. yeahhs.. got gift exchange at her house=me able to see toto.. :)) i miss her~ :P okie.. done blogging.. byebye~ *school tomorrow.. aww.. watching one million star~ waiting for Pets again.. ^^ she rocks! :P jiayou! bye~*

Sunday, 12 December 2010

~Sunday 12 December~
Hihi..^^.. Went to see the Netball Nations Cup Finals today.. :D.. Watched shows in my PSP and texted to Jesslynn throughout the day.. Quite shocked when i saw my name in her blog.. Hahas.. ^^ Watching Death Girl ep 19 now.. Shall watch the last ep later~ I have been watching K.O.3anguo these few days.. I like Xiu and Ah Xiang.. They rocks.. :D.. Love the pair.. Xiu is soo cute.. Hehe.. Ah Xiang also.. I find her pretty though.. Although she has short hair.. I am at ep 34 now.. I was so excited when Ah Xiang knew Xiu know how to use 呜啦巴哈.. I like that expression of hers.. That shocked expression.. Awww.. Holidays are ending.. I am dreading school to start.. I dun wanna go back to that school with that group of b****** and b******.. I really hate them! :'(.. Feeling so alone in school.. If only....... If only, i have them by my side, it would be much better.. But, by doing this, i am self fish.. Haiz.. Oops.. I forgot to introduce.. Welcome to my new blogskin! HSHMM!! :D nice right? But, Andy哥's 眼神 is kinda scary.. Hehe.. Okie, Shall stop writing here~ Byebye~~

Sunday, 5 December 2010

~Sunday December 5~
Hellos.. :D.. So fast.. Can't believe it is december already~~ Kinda dreading school once school reopens... Haiz.. Anyway, i have been watching Brown Sugar Macchiato and Brown Sugar Chilvaries ovver this 1 month ++.. And rewatching these two shows, DBY and HMS.. These few shows rocks~~ :D.. After watching BSC and BSM, i kinda fell in love with Hey Girls and Ah Ben.. I like xiao long nu and wei xiao bao in BSC.. Cos, they are so cute~~.. Xiao Man smiles are so can lan.. And her eyes can shine.. :D.. Over this 1 month++, Tracy and kor kept quarelling and there is a third party.. They broke up already and Tracy is moving out when she found somewhere to stay.. Stella is also moving out.. She says it is not good to keep staying at kor house.. So, she is looking for someplace to stay with her friend too.. I am really gonna miss them.. D: .. Now i am watching Death Girl and K.O.3anguo.. This two shows are quite okay.. K.O.3anguo is so funny.. :D.. Jesslynn recommended.. Thanks arhh.. :D.. Met her in chatango.. She is a really nice girl.. :D.. Shall link her later~~ Now, i am still waiting for Rainie's new show~ I heard that it would be out in February ro April.. Last night Guessx3 got xiao man and I am so happy.. :D.. Luckily, her model company came out with a book and xiao man is out there publicising it.. So far, she went into BFB too~~ But, her yu le wang ep made me so hyper~ :D.. She kinda got the lowest points.. Aww.. :D.. I have finally found out how to convert videos for my PSP.. Now is for the games and mummy new MP4 which is a door gift for her company dinner on Friday.. Whoa.. It is a very long post~~ Cos too long did not update le~~ :D.. Started watching WAHSBBT.. Hei ren lao da is not as funny in this show.. WAHSH is much better.. His childish actions make me laugh like crazy.. Okie.. Stop typing here~ Bye~ :D