Wednesday, 23 November 2011

in the mrt~~~~~~~~~~

very hard to find a picture that i loook nice in. :x

in the mrt in again~~~ hahahah~~

this girl, smile until veryy cute~ xD *hope she won't k me again. hahahahah.*

~23 November 2011~
yoyoyoyo~~~~ me back! :D went out with dearest girl yesterday and the day before. :D watched NXN twice~ :DDDDDD nice ttm!!!! heh! esp the ending!!!! heeheee~~~~ okayyy. monday, this girl need to settle some things. then tell me outing cancelled. D: then later, she spammed my call, sms and twitter. im finally going out! yay! :D then met her at mrt, on our way to far east. reached orchard, bought provence -like finally- then to far east to put her highlights... then we went walking arounnd the area. guess what. I SAW AH RUI JIE JIE AND CH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was soooooooooooo happy and exciteddd!!! :D then i kept smiling until bernice wanted to smack me. hahahhaahha~ then we walk walk, bernice say want to buy sticky, then we go buy gong cha first, then i got xiao gui like finallyyyyy!!! :D then we cab-ed to central cos lazy to take mrt. bought sticky, then made our way to novena cos bernice want to buy things. :) then we realised, take from dhoby gaut to clarke quay only one stop!!!! kinda regretted getting a cab uhh. then after that go novena, then back home. took lots of pictures these two days. cos my iPod got cam.... hahahahaha. then on tuesday, brought lappy to library to do things. thenn bernice super bad. hahahah. she keep spamming twitter using my acc. then we went to watch NXN. she bought the tix...... heeeeee! watch finish around 7 plus then head home. :D kkkkk. end here now~~ byebye~ ^^ pictures upstaris. :D

Thursday, 3 November 2011

~Thursday 3 November~
yoyoyo~ november liao uhh! this blog like super dead. so come and refresh a lil! heh! school holidays liao. what is the point sia? teacher everyday call you go back school, what for? anyways, You Are The Apple Of My Eye NC 16 lehh! angryy! i cannot watch!! T.T haish~ should i change my blogskin???? i wanna change it to han as the background pic. but idk if i should lehh~ obsessed with her~ heehee~ i think horhh jiro and han quite match lehh~ heh! xD then horh if xiao xu(han) and xiu yi(jiro) in hana kimi also can get together horhh, 3rd drama together liao! woots! :D i know lahh! i crazy liao lerhh~ but i really like this couple sia!~ so....... ko series is a must watch!!! :D ko3anguo, ko one and x family!! tomorrow, is da day i know my class le. scared sia!! ah yes, then i also dun like when han and xia tian found out that they are "siblings" when they meet, very awkward sia! lucky they not siblings arhh~ if not, i dun want to watch le. heh! next week is practical test liao. i scared sia! scared fail! T.T sighhh. so many things i scared... D: ok lahh~ write till here~~ byebye~ no fu to carry on writing.