Thursday, 17 June 2010

~Thursday 17 June~
Hmmm... The match yesterday with Chong Boon, was, ermm... Fun? Yea.. Fun.. Especially the goal... It was supposed to be ours.. But it stuck up there.. Everybody laughed.. I was hoping for the ball to get in, but the ball stuck up there..-_-l'l.. 9 more days!! To LWSPG mini concert.. 2 more days!! To the dental appoinment.. Dunno wat to do now.. So I shall stop blogging.. Byebye..

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

~Tuesday 15th June~
Next Saturday... Is his LWSPG mini concert.. Waiting.. Will be meeting the dentist on Saturday.. Hehe.. Just watched finish Rainie's and Show's Power Sunday de 躲猫猫... Funny.. Show so li hai.. Then Rainie that one must thank the girl and the old man cos they give her the clue.. Especially the girl, she even lead the way to the other girl who is hiding.. Hahas.. Laughing like xiao.. Ah Ya was like 被吓 dunno how many times.. Show also, kanna got scared.. Tomorrow, we will be competing with Chong Boon for netball.. Hehe.. Okie, shall stop here, off to the sweet bed.. Good night..

Thursday, 10 June 2010

~Thursday 10th June~
16 More days! To the mini concert.. This post is gonna be my hundredth post.. Fast eh? 3 years already.. Changed my blogskin and my chat box.. I love this blogskin... Hehe.. I am at ep 18 now.. Guang Xi changed.. But his love never change.. Hehe.. We won the match yesterday.. Yay.. We won them 2 points only.. Run like hell.. Sweat soo much, jersey so wet.. And it stinks.. Hehe.. Okie, not gonna write anymore.. Byebye...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

~Monday 8th June~
Hello.. Lets welcome my new blogskin.. Autumn's Concerto! Hehe.. I am watching this like crazy now.. At ep 14.. Fast eh? Yea.. Choing like hell.. Cos it is too interesting, and I have so much time.. Hahas.. She is online today, had a long chat.. Hehe.. Because of Autumn's Concerto, I haven watch my Calling For Love ep 3 yet.. Cos I got no patience to wait for the next day and watch the next ep.. Hahas.. Okie.. Dun want to write le.. Byebye..^^

Sunday, 6 June 2010

~Sunday 6th June~
She is online last night.. But had to sleep early.. Kinda sad.. But had a short chat with her.. Yesterday training was okay.. But in the changing room, I saw Deon Tan naked.. OMG.. Still dare to stand there.. I watched 听说 last night.. Nice.. I thought 秧秧 couldn't speak.. But she could.. Kinda pretty.. Hehe.. Eddie was cute... Just finished watching Autumn's Concerto ep 6.. Touching like mad.. Guang Xi's mother gone too overboard le.. Sad sia.. Now watching ep 7.. Hehe.. Xiao Xiao Bin is super cute lo.. Okie.. Stop here today..^^

Saturday, 5 June 2010

~Friday 4th June~
Today is the BIG DAY.. Hahas.. But.. Forget it.. Lolx.. Yesterday, started watching Autumn's Concerto.. Nice.. I am at ep 3 now.. Hehe.. The dental appoinment has been rescheduled to 19th of June.. Crashed with the face de.. Haiz.. I found out how shuai Vanness is.. Hehe.. He is cute at the BTH.. Xiao Xiao Bin is sooo cute.. =D... She left yesterday.. Without saying goodbye.. I have been waiting, waiting for her to be online.. But I guess, she should be enjoying herself there.. No time to go online.. I am also counting down.. 20 more days!! To his mini concert or performance..
I will be there, at RP supporting him and his choir group.. Btw, I dun CARE about YOU anymore.. In fact, I HATE YOU!! You destroyed my hopes and wishes on you! I am now watching The BTH.. Vanness chinese is like.. OMG.. Hehe.. At least he got the passion to learn.. Lolx.. An Yi Xuan in the show is a very ke lian de girl.. Not gonna say much about that..^^.. My eyelids feels heavy.. Going to the sweet bed now.. Goodnight.. ^^
P.S: Happy Belated Birthday to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.. ^^
For those who dun noe who the person is, forget it.. For those noe who I am referring to, wish her a happy b'day too!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

~Wednesday 2 June~
2 MORE DAYS!! Guess wat day is it.. Hahas.. Yesterday, sore throat.. Go see doctor again.. 3rd time this year already.. But today feeling better.. Hehe.. Went for netball match today.. I played GK for the 1st quarter.. GD for the 2nd quarter.. I did not play for the last two quarter.. Tired already.. I GK keep obstruction because I did not three feet away.. -_-l'l.. Luckily, 2nd quarter only one time.. Hahas.. I saved the ball again today.. Twice.. I fell the second time.. But not injured.. Xenia sprained her leg.. She cried.. Then she feeling better le.. Today the sun damn hot.. Luckily did not sunburn.. Hehe.. The GS is so freaking-ly tall sia.. Okie, shall end here today.. Byebye..