Saturday, 17 July 2010

~Friday 16 July~
Hello.. I am back from the camp.. The camp was BORING.. Teachers keep scolding.. Instructors was not as funny as P5.. But then Group 13 de camp leader, Cheryl, was like damn familiar.. Then I sms Deon ask her if she is one of the instructors in the P5 camp.. She say yes.. Then also got another camp instructor look like Ivy from YES 93.3.. Hahas.. Monday leh, I fell down at the porch the.. My hands hurts.. Dunno whoose leg stretch out, then I AHHHH!! Then fall with my lips alomost kissing the dirty floor.. Hahas.. Then left hand bleed like hell.. Now recovering le.. Luckily for right hand, only a bit of injured only.. Then when go home, cannot bathe sia.. The very pai seh, need somebody to bathe for me.. >.<.. Then cannot take bag like that lo.. Then Tuesday cannot swim.. Wednesday, ge school with one super heavy camping bag... 3D2N.. Of course must bring alot of things la.. Alsogot outdoor cooking.. Then got playKidnapped also.. I remember Deon being the hostage before.. Hehe.. Then at night before we sleep, Mr Soh say got people heven surrender their handphones yet.. Then bag check lo.. So I surrender my coins of bag my mummy gave me so that I can call her lo.. Then I very scared cannot take back sia.. Then go wash up and sleep lo.. Did not eat supper cos no time le.. No time to wash up le still go eat supper.. Then when I sleep, I cry silently lo.. Cos I very scared my mother cannot sleep ma.. Then not long later, I fell asleep le.. Then Thursday when I wake up, 6 plus.. Camp leader and instructors still sleeping la.. So we tou tou go wash up lo... Then go eat breakfast le.. Then go for acivity.. I tried flying fox.. Fun sia.. Then go rock climbing then kayaking.. I din go kayaking because, my hand injured, my that thing suddenly come and hai wo go borrow from friends and the water is the sea leh.. so dangerous, I dun dare to go.. Then after that, we go try low elements then preparation for campfire night with Group 13.. We do duinno wat cheer la.. We go bathe before that.. Annabella, keep waiting for me.. Hahas.. After the preparation is dinner then go MPH and had spme fun before the campfire.. The campfire damn boring sia.. All their back facing us de.. How to see? Then before putting out the fire, Mr Soh show the whole cohort about the fire on the hand de.. All 1E1 see le.. Hahas..Then debrief and supper.. I share one kaya bread with Annabella and drink milo.. Then go sleep la.. Cry again lo.. Then today, wake up at 7 plus.. Almost overslept sia.. Then go bathe.. Toilet wait damn long again.. Annabella also wait for me again.. Then go pack bag and gather.. Read book, then breakfast.. After that, area cleaning.. We clean the campfire oit.. Lucky, the rain.. Hahas.. Go MPH and gather.. Read book again.. Do evaluation form.. Then Mr Soh talk talk give prize then go back to own class and gather to take back stuffs.. Then go MPH collect my coins... Head back to sch after that.. We all do cheer and sing in the bus.. The Mr Soh say he teach us one more cheer say cannot say in sch de.. Den we all say, we won't say in sch la.. It is in Hokkien that is why cannot say in sch.. reach sch le... I go take cab home.. $5.40.. Hahas.. Reach home, eat, play com, go sleep, watch TV.. In the end, I miss my BFB and the 6 o'clock show.. Cos I 7 o'clock wake up.. Just nice for Your Hand In Mine last ep.. Ok la.. That is all for today.. Byebye..
P.S: Congrats to Fann, she go in main band le.. Hahas..

Saturday, 3 July 2010

~Friday 2nd July~
Okie.. Sooo long din write blog le.. Lolx.. Sry la.. Laazy to write.. Okie, lets start on the last week of sch holidays.. On Monday, went to watch Toys Story 3.. Touching and funny.. I cried.. Soo touching.. Tuesday, go sing k.. Finally.. Sang soo many songs including 气球,雨爱,好朋友 and many more.. Then go eat TCC for dinner.. Yummy.. Then go ION and walk again.. Wednesday, go library with Fann, then go lan, play audi... Thursday, go Jenny's house for project.. Friday, go Marina Barage, Marina Bay Sands.. This week, tired like hell.. Legs aching.. Almost fell in the bathroom and ended up with a blue black on my leg.. It hurts soo much.. My left hand de index finger and thumb also injured.. Haiz.. So 倒霉 for the whole week.. Play audi for awhile then go sleep le.. Goodnight..