Thursday, 28 January 2016

so many things have been happening within a span of two weeks, 

10th Jan: Cousin's wedding
11th Jan: Second uncle was hospitalised.
17th Jan: Third uncle passed away
20th Jan: Grandmother was hospitalised
24th Jan: Grand aunt passed away

sigh. all within the span of two weeks, many bad things happening. even i cant believe all of these myself... i really hope that in the new year, good things would happen instead. 

was listening to my songs earlier otw to meet mummy to go to grand aunt's wake, and JJ's song just had to play just then. i heard that song everyday while i was in Taiwan. it just brings me back to memories while i was there. it was his last trip. he had fun. but thinking back just makes me sad. the day his funeral was held, it was exactly a month after we came back from Taiwan. within a span of a month... things changed. 

while we were there, he ordered us to buy food for him while we pushed him in the hotel's wheelchair while we were in the night market. when our driver brought us to the old street, he ordered his favourite food. when our driver brought us to the mountains, it was cold, so we were brought to this shop that sold ginger tea. other than ordering ginger tea, he ordered other dishes as well. at least he enjoyed his last trip. 

while we were helping with the preparation of cousin's wedding, i could vividly remember how he took out his chair, and sat by the corridor, while instructing and monitoring us to move the items. he was so happy on the actual day of the wedding. im glad that he could see his daughter get married. 

i will miss his shadow. i will miss his cooking. i will miss how he scolds us and the dog. but he is in a place with no suffering since he has suffered for the last 2 and a half years. i am glad that he has done quite a number of things before he left us. 

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