Sunday, 14 July 2013

~Sunday 14th July 2013~ 
 hohoho. back to blog!^^ wanted to blog yesterday but was too tired and too late to do so. went to see xiaogui yesterday~ awwwwww. sucha cutiepie.  got a really good view from the front cos i was in the second row!^^ and then when its like photo taking or something, the girl behind me used me as a support for her to take her pictures siaaa!!!!! then i was like "uhhhmmmmmm......." but i understand laaa. all of us want to take a good view of him. then in front of me got one fat lady keep on wave light stick when he singing siaaa!! i dont mind her waving, but she wave so high, all my videos got her lightstick and her hand!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! then i really bobian need to raise my hand higher! but thank god my arm wasnt aching today. and its really so cute to see him dancing. heh. ^^ really enjoyed yesterday cos i have finally watched despicable me 2. ^^ yayyy~ videos up in the next post and now, let the pictures speak!

whoop. finally got my album back from joy!^^ 

watched wgmg last ep last night and i really cried like mad. the two couples breaking up and all. T.T damn sad!!!!!!! especially taecgui! :( okay. spoilers ahead!!!!!! i really almost hated taecyeon for leaving a girl first and let her see his 背影 when he left. you know looking at someone's 背影 and leaving is like x100000000000 sadder. he let her see his 背影 cos they got two train tickets, one is 3pm train and another is 5pm train. and he took the 3pm train, letting guigui take the 5pm train siaaaa!!!!!!! then guigui in the train like damn sad. walk down the train also with heavy footsteps. damn. so sad. then she returned to the train station where they took the train earlier to go on an outing. and she saw all their pictures and memories then she like want to cry like that siaaaa! omg. and i was crying too. omg. T.T then i was thinking "dont tell me taecyeon just prepared this and he would appear later...." and it turns out that i was right. he really appeared!!!!!! ahhhhh. thank god it just did not end when they parted at the train station. cos when taec want to leave, guigui hug him so tightly and cry like mad. when he in the train, she dont dare to face him and cry. T.T omg. why so sadddddd. :( okay. then taec appeared behind a tree and leading guigui to walk the 'gallery' and talk about their first meeting, memories etc. T.T then he guide her to another tree and say that one is guigui's tree cos the tree de leaves are all filled with her pictures!!!! ahhhhhhh. then he said there's one more photo which is empty, they would put their last memory over there. awwwwwwwwww. then he said he wants to make their parting special and not so sad, so he did all these. awwwwwww. T.T 

 global we got married taecgui ends here~ T.T photo credit: guigui's weibo. 
p.s the shoes: taec bought the shoes for guigui as their first present and guigui bought the shoes for taec as her last present cos shoes in chinese sayings means that you are sending him/her to leave.T.T awwwwww. but what a nice picture it is. 

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