Sunday, 28 July 2013

~Saturday 28 July~
omg. time passes so damn fast. and the past two weeks is too tiring for me to blog. :( and im lazy to go into details of what had happened cos i practically forgot what had happened. school ends at 530 on monday, tuesday and thursday, on wednesdays, sometimes will have amath and fridays.... 4pm. and its draining so much of my energy that i do not have the time and energy to watch my dramas. T.T and that i feel like a zombie every weekk. sigh. okay. on a side note. looking through the pictures, and then i saw.....

okay. its so saddening to the extent that i wanna rewatch and my heart is crying buckets already. and yes. i have yet to get over the fact that the drama ended. and its the second in place for the most saddening and the one i want to rewatch. cos its like....... idk. i love this show cos of the comedy but it has sad scenes as well. :( and then first in place would be this: 

I Miss You. i practically cried from the beginning to the end and.... Yoon Eun Hye is like mad pretty. okay. out of topic. i mean., i really cried for like... idk how many tissue papers and then the sweet scenes and the scary 真面目 of Harry. and its really saddening for like 1/2 to 3/4 of the whole drama. i definitely will rewatch this~ goshhhhhhh. okay. i really dk what to write already. sooooooooooo...... goodbyeeeeeeeeeee~~~ 

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